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The mention of the name Jones in association with a rebel cause is apt to conjure up the modern day mass murder-suicide victims of November 1978 in JONESTOWN Guyana rather than that of Newton Knight and his anti confederate anti secessionist community historically known as THE FREE STATE OF JONES. Yet a Matthew McConaughey along with Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mahershala Ali (from House of Cards) will catapult the story of Newton Knight (a southern who decided he would rather stand against the slave holders secessionist of Mississippi than die in a cause not his own.

This year a few movies will use dramatic effects rather than the didactic techniques of old made for television dramas to educate American audiences ignorant of small tales of bravery. These small tales were not grand in scale like the marches lead by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Yet they were fought on behalf of those who went against the grain of time. This year we have a couple worth looking out for. These is LOVING starring Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga, in a story with elements similar to THE FREE STATE OF JONES. In both movies we will see (a couple in one) and a small band of rebel in another fight not for white supremacy nor the status quo but independence and freedom from state sanctioned tyranny.

I expect much fanfare to follow these tales of courage. What do you expect?


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