ByMatthew Robitaille, writer at

This is a film review for the Trailer Park Boys movie Countdown to Liquor Day. The movie Countdown to Liquor Day stars Mike Smith as Bubbles, Robb Wells as Ricky, and Jonathan Torrance as J-Roc. Mike Clattenburg was the directer of this film. This movie came out in 2009 and is available on Netflix.

The film is about how Ricky and Julian got out of jail and were returning to a life of crime. Julian was trying to start up an auto shop and ricky was trying to get his grade 12 and impress his family.

I have lots of good things to say about the film. I love how the actors would talk to each other but also talk to the camera. My favourite person on the show is J-Roc so I was happy when I saw him in this movie more then he would be on a show. If you are a fan of slapstick comedy then this movie is for you.


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