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There are so many fabulous cosplayers on the Internet, bringing all of our favorite comic book, movie, and television characters to life. While some costumes are very loyal to the source material, some cosplayers breathe new life into these incarnations.

One such cosplayer is Elizabeth Rage, she has cosplayed Disney, Star Wars, Pokemon, and even a VERY realistic Lady Gaga. Take a look below to see my favorite Elizabeth Rage creations.

1. Genderbent Dopey ('Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs')

Dopey was always my favorite dwarf, and I really love seeing the detail that was put into this cosplay. From the big belt, to the purple hat and the diamond eyes, Rage can definitely pull off the 'Dopey' look!

2. Lady Gaga as The Countess ('American Horror Story')

In case you can't tell, Lady Gaga is on the left.
In case you can't tell, Lady Gaga is on the left.

I honestly thought this was a picture of Lady Gaga. Rage has done an amazing job on this, from imitating Gaga's facial expressions to the Countess's costume. This photo is hauntingly beautiful, and would fit in easily in American Horror Story.

3. Silk ('The Amazing Spider-Man' comics)

One of many Spider-Man cosplays, Silk has "spidey-powers" like Peter Parker, but had trouble controlling them, and was locked up for a long time by Ezekiel. After her release, she was one of Peter Parker's many love interests, before receiving her own solo series. I love how Elizabeth Rage rarely goes for mainstream cosplays like Mary-Jane or Gwen Stacy, but instead really puts effort into lesser-known characters and makes them her own.

4. Bruce the Matterhorn Yeti/Bavarian Handler

This cosplay is inspired by the popular 'Matterhorn' yeti from Disneyland. While Elizabeth may not be wearing the Yeti suit in this photo, she was the creator of the costume and I'm sure wears it for fun around the house. She also won first prize at the D23 expo costume contest for this amazing cosplay. (Yes, that Yeti is 9 ft. tall.)

5. Disney Princess Leia ('Star Wars')

I love that Rage managed to perfectly pay homage to Carrie Fisher's original Leia, from the iconic hairstyle to even the belt. Although she has also managed to turn Leia Organa into a traditional Disney Princess, complete with ball-gown.

6. Venusaur ('Pokemon')

I never thought anyone would be able to make Venusaur look beautiful, but once again Elizabeth Rage has managed it. Between the flower umbrella and the long blue hair, Rage has nailed it. We wouldn't mind getting into a Poke-battle with this one.

7. Genderbent Hades ('Hercules')

This one is my favorite. As if the original Hades wasn't sassy enough, I'd love to see how Hercules would handle Rage's incarnation. Missing out on no details, even including the skull on her dress, once again Rage has put her own spin on a beloved character and nailed it.

8. Slave-Jasmine ('Aladdin'/'Star Wars')

For the second of our Star Wars/Disney cross-overs, Rage has used the famous "Slave Leia" outfit, but has switched princesses! We can see Jasmine's classic hair style, however the rest of her outfit has been adapted to fit the clothing of Jabba's prisoner. I think we can all agree, she has done justice to this classic look.

9. Black Cat ('Spider-Man')

Felicia Hardy has always been a mysterious member of the Marvel universe, from faking her own death, to hiding her powers from love interest Peter Parker, she's an enigma, and Rage has done a fantastic job of emulating our favorite Black Cat!

10. Jedi Belle ('Beauty & the Beast'/'Star Wars')

This is perfect. This cosplay has the hairstyle, gloves, and elegance of Belle, while also making her boots and outfit more functional. She'd have no problem avoiding blaster shots and fighting Siths. Especially not with the help of her Lumiere-inspired lightsaber.

If you want to see more amazing Elizabeth Rage cosplays, check out her Instagram @ElizabethRage or her Facebook page HERE.

Thanks for reading guys, for more Top 10s just follow me!

What's your favorite Rage cosplay?


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