BySiena Jackson, writer at

I do think Han Solo wants to find Luke bc they are friends & I also think he wants Luke to come back & either help save Han's son or else join the Resistance again & take up training new Jedi (me included) to help restore order to broken Galactic Republic (am I making sense?) again.

Han Solo has lost 3 of his children to the Dark Side so to me it only makes sense for him to want to find Luke for help to save the last of his sons.

i think it's neat he kept BB-8 w/ him to keep him safe. BB-8 has the piece of map that Han needs. BB-8 is made of Zanny.

i rewrote the scene where some inflatable or "Zanny" FX-7's in a medical ship saw Han falling so they caught him & put him in a Bacta Tank for one standard week & he mended & rejoined the resistance & picked up trying to find Luke again.


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