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Soooo yes we all saw the captain america civil war trailer (the first one) and we all broke down every scene but... What if you think beyond what they are trying to make you think they are putting two diffrent scenes side by side. Your most likely thinking NO but what if you do think beyond what if im right. Read on if you want to think beyond on this topic

The scene with black widow on the phone rewatch it

So she says "I know how much bucky means to you. (pause) but stay out of this one you'll only make this worse" so she paused in between those but why did she and I think that when ahe says "I know how much bucky means to you" I think that is a hole separate scene where shes talking to steve and thats why it does not show her saying it with her mouth. So now we think we know why theres a pause but who is she talking to then when she says "but stay out of this one you'll only make this worse" because i dont think steve is talking to black widow when he says "your saying you'll arest me" it sounds like hes talking to tony when tony calls and says "wheres bucky or your arested" or something like that so that means somebody is talking to black widow and they said something like "im coming to the battle where are you" or something like that and that means somebody invided him to the first battle and now hes coming for the secound and if black widow is calling them that means he\she is on iron mans team so who would it be...

Somebody new most likely so is it spiderman or black panther (its somebody new because she does not know how good he is so thats a reason why she is woried for him to join a battle) and the answer is spiderman because hes just a kid and who in the mcu has a bigger heart than black widow bisides steve so i think she wants him to stay out of the battle because hes just a kid and if the other superheros saw a kid fighting too they would relize what there fighting for and fight harder. So thats it follow and like if you liked this. comment what you think thanks for reading


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