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Some people think 3 favorite movies tie into one. the movies are beauty and the beast, aladin and hercules. in belle's movie she describes a book. the book? well i believe the book is.....aladin. she says far off places daring sword fights a prince in disguse. wait just a minute. does that sound familiar? well it should. that is similar to aladin. his first wish is to be a prince. that takes care of part three of the quote.

part two is when he is fighting the guards....... with a sword.

part one is the location. belle is in france. aladin is in arabia. that is pretty far away

take a look at the video below

this will explain it better.

now onto aladin and hercules:

lets look at aladin:

he takes jasime on a magic carpet ride. together they travel to many paces. one place is egypt. another is........GREECE. this is were hercules takes place.

the timeline adds up to. both take place around 330 a.d.

the video might help explain it to

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