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I love this show!

The mystery of who was the Reverse Flash was so beautiful revealed that is hard to imagine they could pull it off again, but lo and behold they have done it again!

Who is Zoom? There are a ton of theories out there. And then when you throw in what is the deal with Jay? and who's behind the mask? -- you have for some the coolest stuff on TV.

Well, allow me to put forth a theory that I have been running with (pun intended)....

Man in the Mask, Jay Garrick, AND Zoom are ALL THE SAME PERSON! The difference is not who or where, but rather when!

This is such a smart TV show that I don't believe that do anything without a reason; therefore, when they brought back Reverse Flash this season at first I thought it seemed like re-hashing, but then I realized why. The REAL reason they re-introduced the Reverse Flash this year was to present an example that would make the mystery of Zoom more easily understood. The Eobard from Season 2 is from an earlier timeline than Season 1. It is where he learned everything he needed to know to do what he did in Season 1. As Harry said, Season 2 was Eobard’s “Origin Story”.

I contend that you don’t just randomly stick that story in this season just for kicks. It was the analogy to show you that time is the key.

Now as it applies to Zoom/Garrick……

Garrick became the Flash on Earth 2 (E2) after their explosion. He really liked speed and wanted to be faster. Velocity serums started, but only problem is they made him sick and started killing him.

Fast forward to the future, Zoom still wants speed. My guess is that he NEEDS speed, because he is SICK and DYING. (Sounds familiar??) I guess this to also be from a Velocity serum!

Zoom figures out that his best way of keeping himself alive is to have cells from his most compatible host. For this reason he travels back in time and captures his OWN SELF…..pre-serum Garrick (G1)! Now to accept this, one must remember another point emphasized this season-- that what happened, happened. As Zoom exists, locking himself up in an iron mask in a cage won’t change who he is… long as he doesn’t die and eventually gets released. Noticed he didn’t beat up the man in the mask for "talking"! He just gave him a light warning, which is not a typical Zoom move. He still has plans on using his own healthy cells to make him better.

As Zoom is from the future he knows something else….another speedster is about to open a portal to another Earth. This would provide the other half of what he needs for his master plan……Barry (and his speed) and Caitlyn (and her Velocity 9 serum).

Zoom doesn't think that beating Barry will be a problem (maybe he actually already has!) so he figures he will be able to get his speed from him (once he has coerced Harry into harvesting it for him). However, Caitlyn is different. She is emotional. The way to get her to do his bidding……win over her heart. So Zoom takes his present day, post serum sick and dying Garrick (G2) across a breech to let him slowly work his magic. Once he has gotten Caitlyn to make Velocity 9, his work on E1 is done and Zoom drags G2 back (with Velocity 9 in his system, he can recover from a poke in the chest eventually).

So for his master plan, Zoom has in hand (yes, another intended pun):

1. The Man in the Mask= heathy cells from G1

2. Velocity 9= brought back from E1 in G2

Zoom will still need to reacquire

3. Barry’s speed

4. Harry to harvest the speed and mix it all together!

Once Zoom has that he we will be healed and unstoppable.

It seems that the key to breaking this chain is G1. If he manages to sacrifice himself (or be killed), it would be the equivalent of how Eddie stopped the Reverse Flash.

Just my thoughts……let me know what you think!


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