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Rolie Hernandez

Divorce can stem from many factors, from financial trouble, to incompatibility, that is except for Grace and Frankie. The cause for their divorces, is that their husbands are gay for each other, and have been having a secret affair through out the years. Following the life of two divorcees, Grace and Frankie is a completely unique and one of a kind comedy.

What happens when two work partners end up falling in love? They have a secret affair for an entire twenty years, and eventually leave their wives well into their golden years. This is where our story takes place, within the first episode we are presented with the fact that a pair of business partners, were closeted gays. The two divorce their wives, cut their credit cards, and let them fend for themselves. Being the strong women they are, Grace and Frankie take on a new life of living on their own and becoming quite a pair. From Frankie's odd job of teaching art to ex-convicts, to Grace having relations with one said convict, this modern Batman and Robin pair take the show by storm.

With an incredible storyline and well written script, what else is there to love? Well the cast itself should be your main reason. Starring the dynamic duo Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin again but this time they aren't working Nine to Five. What about are infamous business partners? The two are played by Martin Sheen, (a multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner), and Law & Order star Sam Waterston.

With 13 episodes in its first season, the second on its way, and an already confirmed third, Grace and Frankie is a Netflix Original you should be watching!


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