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Justice is blind, or so they say – especially if it involves taking a batarang to the face. Thanks to one internet inventor, you could be wielding one of Batman's most iconic weapons with your own two hands.

German YouTube Inventor Patrick Priebe has fashioned an arsenal of geeky gadgetry over the years over at his channel, Selfmade. His steel batarangs are exactly that, and they even flip open just like the real deal.

Priebe – whose gadgets include a working Iron Man glove and a laser-firing James Bond watch – was surprised at just how effective his batarangs were in practice.

"It worked instantly," he said. "I was kinda shocked. And the fact that it actually survived many hits was amazing. I didn't even show the hits on the concrete wall!"

A word to the wise: these batarangs are sharp. Really sharp. As seen in Priebe's how-to video below, these batarangs cut deep. So don't try this on your loved ones.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Priebe's batarang is the type that will come back to you, nor is it for the impatient. Priebe said the process of cutting and shaping a single batarang took him a good two days, so don't plan on stuffing your utility belt with them overnight.

Now if we can only become detectives, martial artists, computer whizzes, stunt drivers, and find about a billion dollars, we can all be Batman.

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