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The Joker has been a staple of the DC Universe for years. In those years he's managed to come up with numerous atrocities, just to prove a point: you just need a single bad day to go mad.

But while there are indeed numerous times the Joker crossed a line of grossness and terror, there are some that just stand out more than the others.

So let's dive into the seven most terrifying moments in Joker's history:

7. The bird that fell

Our first moment, is of course a part of the Death in the Family storyline.

In that storyline, Robin (Jason Todd) and Batman try to save a refugee camp and Jason's mother at the same time.

Things don't go according to plan, though, as Joker has set them up, just to kill Jason. What follows is a gruesome sequence of Joker beating Jason to death with a crowbar, only to blow up Jason and his mom right in front of Batman's eyes with a bomb. Batman carrying Jason's dead body, is one of the most powerful Batman moments to date.

6. Dinner is served

If you ever have to eat something that you don't really want, remember it could be worse — like, 'having your own face served on a silver platter' worse.

In the Death of the Family storyline (this is actually different from the previous one), the Joker kidnaps the core Batman family, tying them up for "dinner."
At the table all of the family have their faces covered with bloody bandages. The Joker then forces a gassed Alfred to serve the family the main course, that happens to be what appears to be their faces! Obviously everyone is in shock (well, besides the Joker himself) until it's revealed that it was all a "joke."
While it was not permanent or deadly, for a moment everybody (including the reader) thought that the family was done for.

5. Baby killer

During the No Man's Land storyline, an officer named Sarah Essen of the Gotham Police Force, tracks the Joker to Jim Gordon's office. That office was full of babies and the Joker, holding a baby in one hand and a gun in the other. When Sarah tries to apprehend him, Joker sets an ultimatum: she either kills him and he drops the baby or she lets him leave. The Joker drops the baby anyway, just in time for Sarah to catch it from falling, only to get shot in the head. The Joker then leaves the babies to die in the pool of the poor woman's blood.

4. School's out

This one comes from the storyline Batman: Cacophony. In this storyline, a mob boss called Maxie Zeus starts a mob war against the Joker. During their negotiation talks, Maxie Zeus tries to threaten the Joker away from trying to rule the Gotham Underground, saying, "I will crush you like a bug." Unwavered the Joker responds with, "I will kill you like a school full of unibrowed children," following that with an explosion of the nearest school.

He killed a whole school, just to make a statement. Oh, I forgot to mention, Zeus's nephew was in that school too.

3. Let's face it

There are some interpretations of Batman that are child-friendly

and there are some that are pure nightmare material. One such storyline is the aforementioned Death in the Family storyline. In the beginning of that storyline, the Joker really needed to make a statement, one that would count, one that would ring through Gotham. And he did just that.

The Joker, forced the Dollmaker (another freakish Batman villain) to cut off his face. He then proceeded to nail that face right onto the wall of his cell before his escape, proving that he would go to any length to upset the Bat.

2. He seems to have taken up skinning as a hobby

In this article, there was only one hard thing to do, choose which moment would be number one and which would be number two. But in the end I settled with this. In 2008 in his own graphic novel named The Joker, the Ace of Knaves was released from prison thanks to the help of his friend Monty and his lackey Johnny Frost. Monty took the Joker to his strip club to kickstart what was supposed to be the start of Joker's criminal empire.

This of course didn't end well, when the Joker realized that Monty had hired Harley Quinn as one of the strippers. Never ruining his grin, the Joker took Monty into the bathroom where he skinned him alive, forced him to walk onto the stage and left him to die. Well, it seems he really is quite a jealous one.

1. A spineless act

Well, this one was a no brainer. Whenever I open my copy of the Killing Joke (and I mean every time), I get really baffled by the amount of terrifying and gross imagery in the storyline. In a twist the Joker shoots Barbara Gordon point blank in the belly, paralyzing her. Then he kidnaps her father (Jim Gordon) and forces him to look at naked photos of his injured and possibly molested daughter, all while the Joker sits on a throne, commenting how a single day can make you mad.

The repercussions of this storyline have been felt for years, and it really makes you wonder how could this kind of comic book ever be put to print.

All in all, the Joker frequently highlights the fact that he is one really messed up character. His atrocities really are impossible to count.


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