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Save the cat, Save the world? It seems like things are going to get hairy in 2016 with numerous movies being released during the summer and later in the winter. The 2016 movie season is shaping up to be a showdown with many contenders and possibly a few casualties. With that in mind, Key and Peele couldn't have chosen a better time to make their "rescue the cat" movie in the form of Keanu, an upcoming action-comedy starring the duo as two friends who embark on an over-the-top mission to save a prized cat at all costs.

Here's the basic plot:

When Rell's beloved pet kitten "Keanu" is taken from his home. He and his friend Clarence seek out those responsible to recover the cat, and find themselves in over their heads dealing with violent gang members.

The plot seems pretty straight-forward, but their is something intriguing about the premise that could make for a fun action-fueled ride. Key and Peele have become notoriously known for their sketch comedies and have made appearances in films whether it be live-action or animation. This time they are leads in an actual film production, which makes you wonder how they might change or evolve for the silver screen.The trailer emphasized that there will be a number of iconic and over-the-top scenes that will probably become memes or go-to catch phrases, whispered among friends as "inside" jokes.

There's alot to look forward to with this film, especially if you're a die-hard, shave-their-names-onto-your-head fan who will support any project they champion or spearhead. It'll be interesting to see how they play off each other in a movie versus a television comedy sketch. Also, you might fall in love with this movie if you're a cat lover. Only they can understand the plight of a fellow owner when their furry pride-and-joy goes missing and they will stop at nothing to find and reclaim what was stolen. When looking at box-office, the film has some breathing room since the budget seems fairly small. This film could make a huge profit and have large returns for the studio, which might ensure future Key and Peele collaborations in the future. Bottom line, if you're a fan of Key and Peele or you just love cats, then this movie is your best source of entertainment that is primed and ready to make you laugh, cry, and cheer.


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