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If ever you didn't want to be spoiled by Walking Dead spoilers, um...not sure where I was going with that. Oh well...SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Those nutty, spoiling nuts at Spoiling Dead Fans have done it again!

They've leaked Glenn's “death”

and Carl's eye patch, much to the chagrin of Chandler Riggs

He was pretty miffed about this one too:

Thanks alot, Russia!
Thanks alot, Russia!

Now, they've leaked something bigger and better than ever...

Rick and Michonne are hookin' up!

Despite fans wanting this for soooo so long, it's still a HUGE shock! Even after Jessie giving Carl a hand, Sam becoming walker chow, and Michonne having some! Maybe it's because this is such a 180 from all the blood and guts...and it was kind of already foreshadowed in this promo pic:

If you need more proof, has even more info about it.

I'll say it again....


I mean come on...they both deserve it after last Sunday's


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