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Some people's lives are so unbelievable that their life stories looks like pages ripped out of a Hollywood script. When this happens, sometimes Hollywood capitalizes on it by making movies about these people called biopics. Biopics can either be great or awful, depending on the source material and how it's handled. With these four fascinating characters below, it would be hard for any filmmaker to mess it up.

Sir. Christopher Lee

Sir. Christopher Lee was the real life version of the most interesting man in the world. Remind yourself of how wonderful this man was:

He spoke nine different languages, fought in World War II as a Nazi hunter, played almost every original movie monster you can think of (Dracula, Mummy, Werewolf, etc) and also was a James Bond villain! If that's not cool enough, he was also in Star Wars as Count Dooku, and Lord of the Rings as Saruman (Obviously he was in many more movies over his illustrious 70 year career). Oh, and did I mention he recorded a heavy metal rock album at age 90!

Donald Trump

Whether you love or loath 'The Donald,' he's an enigmatic character. From his "small" loan of a million dollars he's built a real estate empire. He starred on a reality TV show, and is now running for President and actually leading the Republican candidacy. Funny or Die already did a spoof biopic on Trump and people are loving it! Just imagine a real feature on the insane life of Trump.

Orson Welles

This man changed movies as we know it, and yet no one really knows about the crazy life of Orson Welles. Everyone knows Citizen Kane changed cinema, but not everyone knows that he lied his way into his first theater gig, learned magic from Houdini, or that he gave away his only Academy Award, or that William Randolph Hearst offered the studio an absurd amount of cash to have every copy of Citizen Kane destroyed. His amazing life had a tragic end as Welles wound up morbidly obese and died from a massive heart attack.

David Bowie

This one goes without saying. David Bowie will forever be a pop culture icon. His life was an amazing adventure that most people can't even imagine. He collaborated with the likes of Freddy Mercury, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Carlos Alomar. His first hit, 'Space Oddity,' played on BBC during the Apollo 11 moon landing!

His alter ego, Ziggy Stardust (Bowie with lightning painted across his face) thrust him deeper into the spotlight but Bowie never stopped. He was forever evolving and his looks and sounds evolved too. And music wasn't all he was good at. He also went on to star in several movies, including the cult classic Labyrinth.


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