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All Monsters Are Human.
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Man vs Beast. It is one of the most popular conflicts in film and literature. Seeing animals turning on humans is the perfect accompaniment for a popcorn and flicks marathon. Cuddle up with your dog, cat or rabbit, grab some snacks and throw in one of these films. Here is my top 10 list of films in which man goes up against beast.

10. 'Feast'

This film is bloody awesome! It is about a group of people trapped in a bar with blood-thirsty creatures outside waiting to devour them. There is so much gore in this film and so many characters experience gruesome demises that it will keep you glued to the couch from start to finish. Wes Craven, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are just some of the names attached to this film, so you just know it will be a gory good time!

9. 'Tremors'

Tremors is such an underrated gem! Made in the early '90s, this film was my childhood. It has some badass monsters, is hilarious, and really kicks a boring Friday night up a notch. Starring Kevin Bacon and Reba McEntire, Tremors earns my No. 9 spot. It even spurred four sequels, including one that came out only recently.

8. 'Burning Bright'

This film is also very underrated and not very well known. It stars Briana Evigan and is about a girl and her younger brother trapped in a house with a hungry tiger. From the moment the ferocious feline gets in the house, it's nonstop thrills. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire 86 minutes. Every time le tigre appears on screen, my heart stops at the thought of what might happen to the defenseless children. Damn, this film is too good not to include on this list.

7. 'King Kong'

I freaking love this movie. It is a little different than the other films on this list in that the beast is not entirely hellbent on devouring human flesh. This one shows that our furry friends do have humanity. I have not seen the original film but this version caused my jaw to drop because of how beautiful it is. The special effects made me wonder how a film crew could make a giant fake ape look so realistic. When King Kong fell from the Empire State Building at the film's conclusion and the final line of dialogue from Jack Black was: "Beauty killed the beast," my heart just broke. The message was so beautifully created that it made me want to watch the three-hour film many more times over.

6. 'Gremlins'

This film is near perfect. Gizmo stole my heart, those crazy gremlins scared me, and the ending got me right in the feels. It is a classic family horror-comedy (if such a genre exists) that you will want to watch over and over again. Do not feed them after midnight! I just really want a gremlin, is that too much to ask?

5. 'Jaws'

One of the most famous films on this list, Jaws delivers in every aspect of a true man versus beast film. It has suspense, scares, an amazing opening scene, and does not reveal the true size of creature until at least halfway through the movie. Filmed in my home state of Massachusetts, Jaws holds a special place in my heart that it will never relinquish. Watching it makes me miss the ride at Universal Studios Orlando, but nothing will ever beat this film as my No. 1 shark flick.

4. 'Cloverfield'

This was such an unexpected masterpiece. I normally don't have high hopes for found-footage films so I didn't expect much from seeing this film. But it sure did shock me in such a good way! The characters were amazing, the monsters were really terrifying and the plot was suspenseful. The cinematography had me in awe. I cannot wait for the sequel and hopefully it lives up to the expectations of the first.

3. 'Jurassic Park'

Another very popular Steven Spielberg film has made the list. Dinosaurs roam the Earth once again, thanks to science. I watch this flick probably once a month. That first moment the T-rex appears on the screen is cinematic gold. The dinosaurs are so detailed and the effects are so well executed. It spawned three sequels and even has another sequel, Jurassic World 2, in the works.

2. 'The Descent'

This film is marvelous. The creatures in this 99-minute fright fest are so scary and the action does not pick up for a while, but the events before the first creature attacks are so suspenseful, you will forget there are actually creatures to come in this movie. It is very claustrophobic to watch and you will want to hold your breath every time one of the ladies gets attacked. And yes, every protagonist in this movie is female, which makes it even more badass. Females battling creatures and trying to survive just makes the cinematic universe glorious.

1. 'Aliens'

Number one is a favorite of mine. It is the sequel, not the original film, only because I enjoy the sequel way more than the first. The relationship between Newt and Ripley is heartwarming and you actually care about more characters than just the film's protagonist, which is rare in the horror genre. When the crew arrives to battle the aliens the action is nonstop and the mother alien at the end is what nightmares are made of. This is a really good follow-up to a perfect film and deserves to be on every list.


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