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That's right, DC fans, it's finally happening. We are finally getting Batman and Superman together on the same screen. Not only that, but we are getting pretty much the rest of the Justice League too, and it's only a month away! We simply cannot contain our excitement for this film!

Check out the trailer below if you haven't already!

Ever since it was first announced, fans have gone wild trying to find out more about this film! Some of the most controversial pieces of news containing Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was the cast. When different cast members were announced, different fans had different reactions. But now that we have more information about their respective roles, and footage of them in the trailers, we can now get a clear image of who these actors and actresses are going to become.

Here's where you get to have part of a say in it. Take the polls below and let us know if you agree with the casting choices of Batman v. Superman. The trailers make the parts look good, but do you think they were the best choice? Let us know in the polls below!

1. Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne / Batman

Let's start out with the big one. Out of all the cast members, Affleck's casting announcement as the Dark Knight easily caused the greatest stir. When the casting way first made, many fans were worried (myself included), claiming Affleck did not have what it takes to be the Batman, whereas others claimed he was too well known to take on Batman's persona.

However, the recent footage from the trailers has arguably proved the haters wrong. Based on what we have seen, many fans claim Affleck will be the best Batman yet. Do you agree?


Was casting Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne a good idea?

2. Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

Like Henry Cavill (Superman), Gal Gadot was not the most well known actress before being cast. Her biggest roles were in the Fast and Furious series, but outside of that she is not very recognizable. That is part of the reason why her being cast as Wonder Woman came as a shock to many fans.

One of the major complaints about Gadot in the role of Wonder Woman is that her bust is not large enough, but seriously, does that really matter? Based on what we have seen, Gal Gadot may turn out to be a great Wonder Woman who stays true to the comics. Do you agree?


Was casting Gal Gadot as Diana Prince a good idea?

3. Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennysworth

Jeremy Irons has made himself a Hollywood legend. His voice is often described as the perfect voice, which I might add is a pretty accurate description. He may be best recognizable as voicing Scar in The Lion King, but he has countless other roles besides that over the years.

The main complaint about Irons as Alfred is that he looks to young when compared to Ben Affleck. However, this may just be nitpicking at how young Irons still looks. There is in fact a 24 year difference between the two actors, which would fit the timeline of their characters. Based on his voice-overs and appearances in the trailers, Jeremy Irons is pulling off a fantastic Alfred, being the conscience for Batman, while also being his enabler. Do you agree?


Was casting Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennysworth a good idea?

4. Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman

Momoa, best known for his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, has fully embraced the role as Aquaman since being cast. Though he has not appeared in any footage, images of the actor in dark and gritty Aquaman gear was released.

The main complaint about Momoa as Aquaman is that his adaptation of the character is far too dark and gritty compared to the comics. Though Aquaman is not the happiest and brightest character in the comics, the transformation into his movie form was rather drastic. However, Momoa's Aquaman really does capture the theme of the film and may pan out to be the Aquaman fans have been waiting for. Do you agree?


Was casting Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry a good idea?

5. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

The casting as Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Superman's greatest nemesis, has caused almost as much of a stir as the casting of Ben Affleck. Fans were furious as they could not see Eisenberg fulfilling the role of Lex Luthor, especially compared to the previous on-screen adaptations of the character.

Personally, I believe Eisenberg will bring the more devious side of Lex onto the big screen, much like the evil, devious side of him in the comics. He appears confident, powerful and very charismatic - everything you need to have when you are a villain as maniacal as Lex Luthor. Do you agree?


Was casting Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor a good idea?

Whether you agreed with the casting decisions or not, we all have to agree Batman v. Superman looks like it will be pretty freaking good. I look forward to seeing it in theaters, and can't wait to see if the casting decisions worked out for better or for worse.

What did you think of the casting in 'Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice'? Let me know in the comments below!


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