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Deadpool really stood up to his reputation as an unpredictable killing machine not only in the movie but also in the movie charts. It is therefore not surprising that fans are already asking for their next serving of the merc with a mouth. But even if the staff work their asses off, the soonest will see Deadpool would probably be in 2017. To spare themselves from that agonizing wait, fans started formulating their own theories for the next installment of the film and so why not join in the hype?

Spoilers!!! Fair warning: the following may contain bits of info for Deadpool 2 (hopefully?)

Some of the recent theories for the second movie are focused on which mutant will share the silver screen with our dear Wade Wilson. Most of them say that Cable is the most probable choice since Wade himself explicitly say that the time travelling bionic mutant will be played by Keira Knightly, which by the way would be a total badass. Another fan favorite is Wolverine with all of the snide references that Deadpool had wittingly stated throughout the movie. Psylocke is also being clamored to appear which would actually be probable now that her character is now intoduced in the MCU with the upcoming X-men: Apocalypse. With these characters at play, fans theorized and fantasized even further that X-force might also be assembled

But since a lot of characters has still to be introduced into the Deadpool movie franchise and with the issue of yet to be explained timelines, it could be difficult to bring in characters from other marvel movie franchises. But don't lose hope yet since there is a tiny bit of easter egg that could fuel your Deadpool hype. The girl in the straight jacket with bony protrusions on her back.

You must think I'm seeing things when there is none but I think this unfortunate looking experiment subject that looks like a hybrid of a porcupine and Edward scissorhands is actually Marrow!!!


Marrow (Sarah Rushman) is a mutant that could make her bones grow at an exponential rate allowing her to use them as swords or if she's in a mood for some badassery, cover her whole body with bony spikes. She was once part of the underground-dwelling band of mutants called Morlock. She was a part of the X-men and later the X-force. I think she's perfect since she has connections with Cable and she has been under the tutelage of Wolverine. She was also part of Weapon X that's why we saw her in the dingy lab when Wade was reeled in. Regarding the fact that she's a girl in a straightjacket that was probably left in a burning labiratory, no worries since she was said to have the same regenerative abilities as Wolverine so she probably escaped the engulfing fires unscathed.

So that's my theory folks. I'll leave the decision to you. Yes I'm looking at you creators of Deadpool.


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