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Now that Deadpool 2 is a certainty it's only a matter of time until Cable is cast for the film. There are many actors (and actresses) whose names have come up, yet there is one name that has refused to die ever since it was first brought up almost six years ago: Stephen Lang.

Now if you are not familiar with Lang, he is a very versatile actor whose credits include Avatar, Gods and Generals (a remarkable performance), Public Enemies, Terra Nova, and Gettysburg. His name first came up in regards to Cable back in 2009, Lang had become very well-known from the success of Avatar, and Deadpool's creator Rob Liefeld even asked Fox to put Lang under contract back in 2009. Fast forward six years and Deadpool has come out of development hell and is now a worldwide phenomenon. So here are five reasons why Stephan Lang should play Cable.

1. He really wants the part

Lang has made no secret of his wish to play Cable. From his interviews to his hilarious tweets, he has really been campaigning hard for the role and has made it clear he can and would play it for the long term. When an actor like Lang is so invested in campaigning for a role, this means that the role means something to them and they will put their all into it.

2. He has an uncanny resemblance to Cable

Anyone who has seen Lang and Cable knows he bears an uncanny resemblance to the comic book character. This is good for a few reasons: it caters to the fans of the comic book, and it also saves on money that needs to be used on prosthetics to make the actor look like the part. Deadpool has gone to great lengths to stay true to the comics, so casting Lang would be going along the path they are already treading.

3. He is ripped as hell

From the following picture it is obvious that Lang works out a lot, with more muscle than most men half his age, Lang has made it clear he can and does have the physical look of Cable. He also has shown he has the stamina to stay bulked up for six years, due to Avatar 2’s on-again-off-again development. So he has no issue staying fit for a role.

4. He has already played Cable-like characters

In the past few years, Lang has played a few stoic, military-type figures. For example Colonel Miles Quaritch and Commander Nathaniel Taylor are both military and authoritarian figures that are not afraid to use force, but also have to manage a team of fighters. Lang hit both these roles out of the park, with most who saw the film Avatar (Quaritch) and Terra Nova (Taylor) citing Lang as the highlight of the narrative.

5. He has good screen presence

This is something that is very important. Some actors go through their careers without having much impact in the way of audience remembering them for roles. Lang on the other hand is a preverbal that guy, people remember him from his roles, whether it be a Texas law man hunting Johnny Depp in Public Enemies or playing a general in The Men Who Stare At Goats. People remember him, the actor who is chosen to play Cable needs to be someone who has presence and can stand out among the big personalities on Deadpool and maybe X-Force. Lang would have no issue going toe-to-toe with Ryan Reynolds or other X-Men as he has proven in other films with big stars and big personalities.

Do you think Stephen Lang would make the ultimate Cable in 'Deadpool 2'?


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