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Deadpool has gone the way of many superhero films now, having already announced a sequel before the film even came out. So, since said film has already been announced, let's play with ideas behind who the main villain could be, because I have a feeling it'll be one character in particular.

There May Be Minor Spoilers For The Film Ahead. I'll Try To Limit It, But Proceed At Your Own Risk.

One I've personally wanted to see onscreen since the second X-Men film (since that's when I started watching the films instead of just reading the comics). But let's play around with some ideas for first, in order of likeliness:

Macho Gomez

A comical villain, Macho Gomez could play a minor role.

Black Talon

A comical villain who actually didn't start out that way and has actually been used seriously before and after his more comedic appearance in 'Deadpool'. His powers can actually bring a real threat to Deadpool in the sequel

A One-Off 'Deadpool' Villain Who Will Have Immense Importance Thrown On Them

I would've put Walrus, but Sony might want him....
I would've put Walrus, but Sony might want him....

Maybe the sequel will have a big villain, but it could also have an army of vampires, or zombie Presidents, or this guy above. Maybe even a church full of blue people (read 'Cable and Deadpool' and you'll understand)

Black Box

Black Box...Black Talon... What next, Black Mamba?
Black Box...Black Talon... What next, Black Mamba?

A serious villain who could really challenge Deadpool in the sequel, especially considering Deadpool's alliance with Cable and the more technological nature of this villain.


Cable's main enemy, his existence could provide both a threat and the butt of jokes, given his likeness to Cable.

Mister X

There's another Mister coming up...
There's another Mister coming up...

This guy's backstory could lead to some interesting moralistic questions, especially after the hinting that Deadpool would face a dilemma of sorts in the sequel after his conversation with Colossus about "4 or 5 moments".

But no, not any of these villains. In fact, I think the villain will be one that isn't primarily a Deadpool villain. The villain in question is none other than (my personal favourite X-Men villain)...

Mister Sinister

So why do I think this? Here are a few reasons why:

1. Sinister was the main villain in the 'Deadpool' video game.

2. Sinister is owned by Fox, thus making him one of the few villains that can be used, especially considering that most of the others are too highly-powered or too exclusive to the X-Men (and the only ones that fit Deadpool are specifically Wolverine) or the Fantastic Four (unless of course, the Deadpool sequel is used to drum up interest for a Fantastic Four film by featuring them and one of their enemies).

3. Sinister has already had dealings with Colossus in the comics, multiple times in the 'X-Men' series and most notably in the darkly haunting 'Colossus: Bloodline'

4. One of the next films on Fox's slate is Gambit. Gambit is another character who many believe was mishandled in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and another who is getting a solo movie. He's also massively connected to Sinister, having been one of his top men, dealing heavily with Sinister's team of Marauders and at one point having a story where he was allegedly Sinister's son. He's also going to be more associated with Deadpool soon, given the recent news of the comic series 'Gambit vs Deadpool'.

5. Sinister is the perfect way to connect Deadpool to his surrounding universe, since the X-Men will be dealing with the threat of Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse, his top henchman would be a good way to create a story that works but it minimal in comparison to X-Men.

6. Sinister is very involved in the Summers family (Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Rachel Grey, Nathan Summers) and because of that, he is instrumental in the creation of Cable and has been a major part of Cable's life.

7. Sinister is strong enough to be a threat for Deadpool (alongside anyone he brings along for assistance) and his association with science and experiments might strike a chord with the titular character. Also, his Marauders could provide ample cannon fodder for Deadpool and Cable.

8. Talking about Marauders, Marrow is somewhat associated with their team and the Morlocks. Marrow is a mutant who many believe was part of the experimental lab in Deadpool. On the subject of Morlocks, they could also become cannon fodder for Deadpool. The Morlocks also include such characters as Caliban, who served in an X-Force lineup (which is the team that Deadpool is rumoured to be leading to, which I've actually talked a little about HERE). Storm's hairstyle in X-Men: Apocalypse seems to suggest that she might have some part to play in the role of the Morlocks, since she sported a haircut of that style when she briefly took over as leader in the comics. But then again, the Morlocks might be a bit of a stretch. Although, they are basically the only real enemies of the Marauders besides the X-Men, and the Marauders are all under Sinister.

So what do you think? Is Sinister going to be the villain of the sequel? Or someone else? Maybe an original character? Let's talk about it in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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