ByAdrian Veivers, writer at
...ght and storytelling ability than JJ and his team have. I certainly don't mean to offend you by saying this, but please do not plump up this weak, lazily written excuse for a Star Wars movie. It is typical of JJ's works, with no deep, hidden meaning or subtleties at all, you are hugely overestimating his abilities for the types of subplots that you are suggesting. He is notoriously superficial and requires an immense suspension of belief whilst watching any of his movies. He sets up his so called 'mysteries' and his movies usually end up being and open ended nonsensical mess.....and then he moves on. Deus ex machina. You will be sadly disappointed if you are after any meaningful explanation, backstory or character development. This movie was Star Wars lite at best. It did not progress the saga forward in any way, it actually was a disgrace to the previous 6 and undermined them horribly, both in story and its characters (especially Luke). The fact that some 'fans' are desperately trying to fill in the endless plot holes and contrived, conveniences is even more evidence of the horrible script. You may be right...but sadly, I almost certain you are not.

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