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Deadpool is already looking to be the biggest film of the year, and it’s only February. But could the sequel spell disaster or masterpiece? I believe it’ll either be one extreme of either end. Here’s what could happen on either end.


. Character: Deadpool works best around other characters. If they give him too much alone time with no companions that he can’t just order around, he could become tiresome.

.Visuals: With a bigger set-piece and darkened colours, this film could end up seeming like just another one of the other superhero films out there. The minimal set is what works so well for a minimal sort of story.

.Story: The story needs to have purpose. Deadpool’s quality goes down when he’s just doing his job, or accidentally runs into trouble and just rolls with it, because he becomes just the jokes, and not the jokes alongside an actual mission.

.Pacing: Deadpool quality suffers when the story just moves along whenever it feels like it, only to slow and then speed up again.

.Action: The action shouldn’t be bland. It should be creative, gory and fun, given that it’s Deadpool.

.Humour/Seriousness: I highly doubt Deadpool 2 will take itself too seriously, but given the fact that it’s a big success for Fox might mean it’ll take itself more seriously considering the potential for a universe. On the other hand though, and this is incredibly crucial, there should be seriousness in it. Deadpool is inherently a tragic character. He is a character that just manages to laugh off the tragedy with jokes to the point that he’s insane. He’s basically an insane Spider Man. He can’t just be a joke-factory.

.Cashcow Potential: The film could stop being original and be a carbon-copy of the first, or a generic story, in order to pull in money from the incredibly successful first film.


. Character: Deadpool works best around other characters. Don’t give him too much alone time and let him bounce off other characters, like he did so well with Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Weasel, Vanessa and Blind Al. But give more time to the characters. Weasel and Deadpool work so well together, and I’m sure Cable will work well as well, but Cable shouldn't be the main focus. The film should focus on its already established characters, like Weasel or Blind Al. Maybe include a romantic subplot featuring Morena Baccarin as both Copycat and Domino, which could lead to some interesting developments.

.Visuals: Keeping the set as minimal as possible makes the film feel like a smaller story, which is good in this case. The colours worked so well in the film, and they should definitely be utilised again.

.Story: The story should have a purpose, but not be too extreme, given the more comedic nature of the main character.

. Pacing: The pacing of the sequel is a must, since that was probably the only thing wrong with the first film. Characters came in for no reason, and then the story would jump and then slow down for no real reason, with no real third act to tie it together. The pacing is something that definitely needs to change.

.Action: Keep the action the exact same. Possibly step it up considering it’s the sequel, but it’s totally fine the way it is.

.Humour/Seriousness: Keep it funny, but keep seriousness in. It should be a perfect balance of both, pretty much the exact perfect balance of the first film.

.Music: Keep the music interesting, relevant and fun

.Marketing: While the basic marketing is done that has made people go see the film, it should be done to a lesser extent to re-hype people for the sequel.

.Cashcow Potential: The film shouldn’t worry about money. If it has a great original story which has a unique feel to it, like the first film, the money will come to it while still having a great film.

So what do you think? Will the sequel be great, or will it flop? Maybe it'll be just an ok film? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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