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Well , I dunno how to start.Some epic things are tough to start.When the leaked Comic-con footage was released , I was not that optimistic.I thought that Deadpool will be f*cked up like it was done in Origins.

Everything changed when the first trailer came out.

The action , the drama , the humor , the F-bombs.....It all seemed so perfect.The perfect film is coming.Then my pessimistic self reminded myself that Deadpool will be rated PG-13 as it is a superhero film(Actually , Deadpool is an anti-hero).

When I heard that Deadpool will be rated R('A' in India) , I made a vow that I will watch this film.Then the disturbing news that Deadpool will be censored in India irritated me to no bounds.Nevertheless , I went ahead and watched Deadpool.

I am have bored you enough with the build up , let's get to the review. Let's start with the cons , as the cons are very less in an almost perfect film.(The only other superhero film I ever gave a 10 was 'The Dark Knight'.The surely deserved a 10.)


1:The Language:

There is a reason why Deadpool is known as the' Merc with a mouth'.But in some parts if the film , it felt like that the cuss words were added just to emphasize the R-rating .For example:

"You motherfucking asshole, you just shit on my whole fucking plan; fuck you, fuck your slut mother, fuck you, you douchebag; go fuck yourself in your goddamn asshole, you fucking pussy."

Some people may argue telling me that they are necessary , but truth is a matter of perspective.

2: The flashbacks were pretty boring.But they were vital , so this cannot be called a con.


Well , listing out the pros will be tough , as everything from the direction to the acting to the marketing were perfect. The opening credits sequence was a treat to watch and really set the tone for the whole film.

The film kinda lagged at the flashback sequences. But apart from that and the excessive language it is PERFECT!

This is a film which I would watch again and again so that I could find out all the easter-eggs and references.


So , did you guys enjoy the Deadpool movie as much as I did


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