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Natasha Price

As someone who isn't a massive fan of fairytales or Disney films, I often get asked why I watch a show called Once Upon A Time, which is a show based around fairytale characters living in the real world. I like fantasy as a genre, but mostly don't find fairytale characters very interesting.

This show is about the most well-known fairytale characters that get cursed to our land by the Evil Queen, Regina. Their only hope is in the saviour, Emma, who happens to be the child of Snow White and Prince Charming, who also happens to live in the normal world and has no recollection of magic.

So what makes it so enticing to someone not usually interested in this genre?

Perhaps it's the characters. There are no characters in which I dislike to an end where I wish they weren't in the show. Don't get me wrong, I hate certain characters Rumple, Zelena, Pan, etc.- but the show wouldn't be the same without them.

There are so many great characters in the show. Regina, Emma, Hook, Charming, Snow, I could list them all. They've all got a good mixture of traits that make them perfect characters (brought to life by amazing actors). For example, Hook is just the right amount of wit, charm, and personality to make him a well-rounded and lovable character. The same can be said for the others- even the villains are well thought-out.

Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time
Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time

Everything about this show has magic, even the non-magical parts. The writers are still coming up with good ideas, the actors are still perfect, and it doesn't seem to be wearing out any time soon.

This is one of those shows that can give you that ache in your chest, that ache of want or happiness or pain that only select shows can. The relationships between the characters are so good that you even want the 'evil' characters to find love and happiness.

Snow White and Prince Charming from OUAT
Snow White and Prince Charming from OUAT

Each season finale is given another great cliffhanger that leaves you wanting the next episode straight away, just as all good TV should. Even if you're not interested in fairtytales (like me), the show is just so good that you still want to watch the next episode. It's the perfect show for any fantasy fan.


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