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Movies have been a huge part of the word for many years. We rely on Hollywood to bring the fictional substance in which we feed upon. But that doesn't mean it can't touch on some really heavy topics. War, hunger, murder, all of these things Hollywood brings awareness too. A huge topic in the world today is mental health, and Hollywood has known about it for some time now. So here are three movies that secretly tackle the issue of mental illness!

*Note: This is a spoiler warning. I know all of these films are over a decade old but still, I'm nice and will warn you just in case any of these are on your list.

3. Donnie Darko

This movie was a spook and a half. This is one of the only horror movies that actually made me uneasy. But you know why that is? That damn bunny... Frank. Imagine seeing that bunny, all the time, no one else can, and he talks to you, tells you to do things, bad things. Well that's what Donnie Darko is about. This movie really dives into the mind of someone with some really bad mental health issues, (probably schizophrenia), and shows us as the viewer how bad it can really be.

2. Psycho (1960)

This movie, like the previous one, was a horror movie. This one, not as scary, but very suspenseful and really had you coming up with theories all the way through. (I guessed the end within minutes). This movie shows us what can happen to someone who suffers a great loss of someone who albeit was a little too close to the one who passed. We at the end realize the murderer was dressing up like his mother, and killing people. You might be saying, "How does this secretly tackle mental illness! He is a serial killer!" and you would be right. That was fairly obvious. But the one mental illness in this movie that was a huge part but never talk about was multiple personality disorder. This just goes to show what people can be driven to do when they have something like this going on in their head.

1. Rambo: First Blood

Rambo: First Blood just seemed like a normal movie, but if you really dig deep down into it, there is so much this movie brings up, (even if it doesn't directly mention it). One huge factor of this movie, is John Rambo's PTSD. Though never physically mentioned, it was one of the causes that started the whole mini war in that small town! You see him have a flashback while he is in the police station which caused him to attack the officers. Then he went into his super solider mode through the whole film. Afterwards he had the very sad mental breakdown at the end where he started crying about his fallen brothers. That is some crazy mental health issues at work! But it's never talked about. It was never mentioned, just shown. The reason this one stood up above the other is that, the other one where obviously disturbed, some guy dressing up like his mom and killing people, one guy who sees a random giant bunny that tells him to do things. But this movie was just so subtle. It was so... flawless.

What Do you think? What are some other movies that secretly tackled mental health? Let us know in the comments below!


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