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Over the decade my interest in films has grown to where I would like to express how movies are an influence and a reflection of our society
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With [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) coming in May of this year, I recently decided to re-watch Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron. While I believe Winter Soldier is a phenomenal film and definitely one of MCU's best, Age of Ultron fell relatively short. That is why I would like express how Age of Ultron should have played out. Now you are probably thinking that Age of Ultron is the best or like Joss Whedon had to deal with a lot people. I am not disagreeing with you on that, Joss really did have a lot on his plate and the way he did the film was mostly sound, but there were areas that were highly irksome to me and it is for this reason why I am making this post.

Mid Credit Scene of Winter Soldier
Mid Credit Scene of Winter Soldier

At the end of Winter Soldier during the middle of the credits, we get a scene, most likely setting up for Age of Ultron. In the scene we meet Baron Von Strucker and List. During this scene important dialogue is made as well as some important items and characters. In the scene we see that Strucker's division of Hydra has obtained Loki's scepter from The Avengers. We also get to see Pietro and Wanda Maximoff experimenting with their new abilities.

Following that scene, we next find ourselves in Sokovia, where the Avengers are attacking that very Hydra Base. Here is where my confusion began and a number of questions came into my mind. First, when did The Avengers find out that the scepter had been stolen. Also according to the dialogue, The Avengers had been looking for the scepter for a while. So from here is where my re-structure begins.

I would have started the movie a bit differently, like give us some background information on how long The Avengers have been looking for scepter in a pre Marvel logo scene (like in Ant-man or Guardians) and then start the movie in The Avengers Tower when suddenly they get an alert of the scepter's location in the Hydra Base in Sokovia. From there the storming of the base occurs and roughly everything is the same. The only other difference I would have done in this scene is instead of Baron Von Strucker being captured by Captain America, let Strucker escape along with List.

After this, most of the movie is identical until post first battle against Ultron, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. Specifically its what Thor does. We know he goes to London to meet Selvig, then following up with him and Selvig at the pool where he is able to see his vision again along with information about the infinity stones. This scene confused me along with many others. If they had transitioned smoother or explained what Thor was doing, the scene would have been a lot better.

This Scene was Confusing
This Scene was Confusing

After this, the movie is once again nearly identical to the original until the final battle against the big Ultron and his copies. It is right after the group shot when most of the copies have been destroyed and when Thor, Iron Man, and Vision were shooting their Lightning, and energy beams at the big Ultron. Instead of stopping like they had, they should have kept going until Ultron finished melting or blew up. From here the big Ultron would have been destroyed. Leaving only the small amount of Ultron copies to be taken care of. Of course I would still leave in that one copy that was half destroyed to hit the key to bring down Sokovia. Leaving that in is necessary because it would still set up the Sokovia Accords for Civil War.

Should have Ended Here
Should have Ended Here

Of course getting rid of the Big Ultron via the energy beams means we also get rid of him flying the jet and killing Quicksilver as well as The Hulk taking over the controls for the jet and him running away.

So to counteract this, prior to going to the New Avengers Facility being built, the Avengers go to the Avengers Tower, where we see new members of the security council as well as General Thunderbolt Ross and heavily armed guards. They are there for the arrest of Banner/Hulk after the destruction in the African Country. The Avengers are prepared defend him. But Ross warns that if they assist, they too will be considered fugitives. Banner turns to Natasha and tells her "Im sorry", and then makes the decision of turning into the Hulk and crashes through one of the walls of the Avengers Tower. The Avengers don't follow him, but Ross and his men do follow after.

From here we cut to the New Avengers Facility where we say a temporary goodbye to Tony Stark and Thor. Then cut to the New Avengers Including Quicksilver in the mix. I thought of including an alert about Baron Von Strucker popping up making a good test for the New Avengers, or simply leave him be and make him appear in Agents of Shield, which would improve the show far greater than it ever had before.


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