ByTara Wynne, writer at

Dad Jokes, Uncle Jokes, Grampa Jokes...whatever you want to call them--they're amazing/terrible. So when I thought of incorporating this particular joke into a Han Solo portrait, I was excited/ashamed of myself. It's definitely a "groaner."

This piece was hand-embroidered by me, and measures 7x5. Han is done in dark olive green thread, and the microphone is silver satin thread. The lettering is black and yellow. The piece is up in my online shop, Hmmbroidery.

A strange thing I realized as Han was beginning to take shape, under my needle, was that they indeed cast Kylo Ren correctly. Han looked alot like Kylo when he was a few sparse lines.

Next piece is about half done, and is another TWD-themed embroidery. Stay tuned!


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