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Nobody puts Deadpool in a corner, not even Lorne Michaels!

Earlier this week, fans started a petition to get Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool to host SNL, and it looks like the petition actually has some merit to it! Ryan Reynolds himself had an epic response to the petition, revealing that Deadpool has already had his shot at hosting the NBC sketch show, only to completely screw it up in true Deadpool form by going all Kanye West backstage!

That's right! Totally making fun of Kanye West's recorded outburst before hitting the SNL stage recently, Deadpool claims he's "50% more influential than MC Hammer!" and "60% more influential than the iPhone 5!". Ryan posted the hilarious and foul mouthed 'secret' backstage Deadpool recording on his official Facebook late Friday night, saying Deadpool was set to host SNL in the 90's, but then the outburst happened, and Tom Hanks was used as his replacement. Ryan, bless you. Deadpool is the gift that keeps on giving! Watch the video below! ALSO, does this mean it's really happening though? Cause Deadpool hosting SNL is all I need in life....

*WARNING* the language in the video is NSFW!

Ah-May-ZING! Am I right? For me, this is a hint that SNL, Ryan Reynolds, and Fox are actually in the process of making this happen, which for the love of cheese, it really needs to! The rant is Kanye West inspired, based on recent audio that surfaced of Kanye losing it after SNL had to shrink his stage for his performance. Here's the ridiculous original.

I need Kanye and Deadpool to be in a room together, Deadpool would smell Kanye's BS from a mile away, and beat it out of him. Deadpool is on it's second week owning the box office and has grossed over 300 million worldwide, so at least Deadpool is right, he does have the biggest R-rated opening ever. As Kanye's claims that he's more influential than Picasso and the Apostle Paul from the Bible? Not so much.


Do you think this means Deadpool will host SNL soon?


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