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I'm just some boy who loves video games and discussing stuff about them! I am also a big fan of superheroes, movies, and much more! So yeah,

I just saw Deadpool and MY GOD it is a phenomenal film! Remember, spoilers ahead, enter at your own risk! So the movie is amazing and Ryan Reynolds did such a great job and he was definitely the best actor they could have had! He was violent, sexual, and hilarious! Basically everything you would expect out of Deadpool! So the movie starts where it began in the second trailer in the taxi. And it shows his origin in flashbacks! There are sex scenes and gory scenes that I would recommend not to bring a kid under the age of 12 to(at the youngest) but parents reading this, bring your child to watch when you believe they are ready! There's plenty of 4th wall breaking so don't worry! Colossus is back in action and looks way better that when he did in Days of future past(His previous film was so bad I forgot which one it was, so don't hate)! Also the film was about an hour-thirty, 2 hours long so expect plenty of action! The final fight was so amazing they couldn't have done better! Ajax is the villain so he is a threat. Unfortunately there isn't an end credit scene so expect it. The Stan Lee cameo is in the strip club from the first red band trailer(Still wondering what he was doing there) so his cameo plays along with the story so well! That's all for now, see you guys later!


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