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so this promo looks cool <3 I wonder what's going to happen in this episode.


Do you think shadowhunters should be renewed for a season two?.

Spoilers Below..

As the search for the Mortal Cup continues in episode 7 of the “Shadowhunters,” some intense moment also happens between Jace, Clary and Simon. Spoilers for next week’s episode also tease Simon’s transformation into a vampire.

Freeform has released a video spoiler for episode 7 of the “Shadowhunters“ titled “Major Arcana.” The video reveals the dark side of Clary. It is uncertain what prompted Clary to hurt Jace. But that is exactly what she does when they meet at what appeared to be a control room.

The video posted below shows Clary running along a hallway until she meets Jace at one of the rooms. A worried Jace approaches her and subtly professes his love for her. However, he gets a stab, literally, in response.

“I’ll die before I let anything happen to you,” Jace tells Clary in the video below. Clary responds by piercing Jace’s heart with a glowing dagger.


However, Clary appears to be a different person around Simon. One of the scenes in episode 7 of the “Shadowhunters” reveals Clary’s desire to become Simon’s girlfriend.

The video spoiler below for “Major Arcana” shows Clary blurt out to Simon that she also wants to be romantically involved with her best friend. “When are you gonna ask me to be your girlfriend,” a seemingly half-naked Clary asks Simon. A shirtless Simon gets flustered by Clary’s question and only manages a “Holy crap” in response.

Perhaps this scene could just be Simon’s hallucinations manifested by his desire to be Clary’s boyfriend. The previous episodes of the “Shadowhunters” clearly showed he has romantic feelings towards his best friend. However, he has Jace to contend with when it comes to capturing Clary’s heart.

The video spoiler for episode 7 of the “Shadowhunters” also shows Simon having prominent hallucinations of Camille, the woman who turned him into a vampire. A scene taken from the Freeform series shows Simon hearing Camille’s voice as he sees himself in the mirror with fangs; Simon fears that he is slowly turning into a nightwalker as his newfound strength increases and his bad temper worsens.


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