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Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy have both taken us on a wild ride, so it's no surprise that Season 5 of American Horror Story, Hotel, ended with a bang. Now, since it's been confirmed that American Horror Story will be renewed for a sixth season, fans are all speculating on what it'll be all about.

First, we have "American Horror Story: Space". Personally, I don't love this idea that much. I do see a way that it can tie into the AHS universe, but I just think that there isn't much to work with. People say it's all about madness, but the second season, Asylum, already focused on that. Evan Peters said that he liked the idea, but the creators shut it down, even saying that it's American Horror Story, not Intergalactic Horror Story.

Another theory out there is "American Horror Story: Cruise Ship". I think that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk could do a lot with a cruise ship, but it just resembles American Horror Story Hotel too much. The only difference is that the Hotel Cortez can't crash into an iceberg and sink.

By far, my favorite theory out of all of them is "American Horror Story: Roswell". There are a lot of mystery surrounding places like Area 51, and the idea of bringing back aliens is pretty cool. Here's the thing though; American Horror Story Asylum has already explored the idea of aliens and human experimentation, and the creators of AHS don't typically recycle ideas.

My personal theories would be:

American Horror Story: Wonderland. Okay, I know, I know!

Wonderland's not in America

Even Alice FROM THE BOOK doesn't live in America

Well, suck it. I don't give a crap. I know that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk criticized the idea of space because of it not being in America, but space doesn't really have much. But Wonderland; now that's a different story, so hear me out. Wonderland is seen as a cheerful place, usually, but I never liked that story as a kid because of how abnormal Wonderland seemed.

A main villain like the Queen of Hearts would also be cool. In the stories, she is cruel, heartless, and maniacal. Murder House explored raw fear, the Asylum explored madness, the Coven explored racial discrimination and supernatural horror, the Freak Show explored isolation and discrimination for being a freak, and the Hotel explored addiction. All of these locations a creepy and a little foreign to the rest of the world, but Wonderland is downright weird. Everyone gets uncomfortable in strange places, so a place known for abnormality would be golden. Plus, even if Wonderland isn't exactly "American," I'm pretty sure that not a single fan has or will ever doubt that the creators of this show can tie Wonderland into the AHS universe.

American Horror Story: Grimm

Okay, okay, get your whining out now, but can't you just hear me out?

Now, the Disney fairy tales are definitely boring and dull, but the real stories are much more sinister.

Sleeping Beauty-Raped

Cinderella-Psychotic step sisters that cut off their heels and get their eyes pecked out

Need I say more? Each episode can center on a different fairy tale. Each villain in these stories are also evil. The Evil Queen is vain and greedy while Maleficent is envious and vengeful. It's the perfect setting for the AHS. This season can take place in colonial times. Maybe Roanoke, the colony that vanished overnight. Or maybe this season can tie to AHS Coven and take place somewhere near Salem.

Whatever season 6 may be, I'm sure that Brad and Ryan won't disappoint.


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