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So lately there has been all lot of grief on freeform's brand new show Shadowhunters because its not like the book and the casting is so wrong.

"What we learned was that just trying to compress this very big saga into an hour and a half was not the right approach,"

The Freeform drama's series premiere only strays from its source material in subtle fashions — changing a character's age here or profession there. But the big picture storyline follows the YA book series like a road map, telling the beginning of Clary Fray's (Katherine McNamara) journey of training to become a Shadowhunter, a half-angel, half-human demon hunter.

The Shadowhunters series premiere was authentic to the book. Why not change it up?

Decter: One of the great parts about the books is that they really should have been a television show from the beginning. One of the things the movie suffered from was just simply trying to pack enough and all of it in in an hour and a half. Basically, our whole first season is what they did in an hour and a half of a movie. We have the luxury of doling out the cool information and get to know the characters so much better and get to know the stakes so much better and more slowly than the movie. That was our goal. There's already been this very straight telling with the movie, so let's give the audience some dark, sexy surprises about how we get to certain landmarks in the book. Let's have it be understandable to the new viewers but also provide some surprises and deliver some real good, substantial things that the viewers who are readers want to see but maybe let's get there in a different way so that there are still surprises for them.

Shadowhunters is good in basically ever way possible.

Katherine McNamara (clary fray) does come from Disney but that does not mean anything , some of the best actors and actress come from Disney. for example Bella throne, she has been in many popular movies and tv shows like the duff and scream as well as blended with Adam Sandler. Jake T Austin started his career on Disney's wizards of Waverley place with one of the well known singer songwriters Selena Gomez. Zac Efron started on Disney and he has been in many successful movies two date.

most actors and actress start of small.

So why wont people give Katherine McNamara a chance?.

What are you most excited for viewers to see from the rest of the season?

The reviews are going to say we have a beautiful cast and they were cast for their beauty. And yes, they are beautiful, but they're really good actors. If the viewers hang with the series, they're going to see real, amazing depth. You can write characters as deep as you want, but you can't exceed the talent of your stars, and they've been able to handle everything we throw at them. What I'm really excited about bringing this cast made up of mostly relatively unknowns — of course Harry Shum Jr. is well known from Glee and Isaiah Mustafa is in commercials every minute — but to have this cast of virtual unknowns to the world, I predict huge things for all of them.

I find it very disappointing that people won't give any of the actors a chance. As the season gets into more details the actors will get to develop their characters more.

One of the things I like most about the cast is that they are actually reading the book to get into their character more.

I love the diversity with the cast. just cause they aren't exactly like the book doesn't mean the actors wont do good.

Everyone like the show differently but if you don't like it don't watch it please don't ruin it for the rest of us.


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