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Discipline means you must understand. Right? That's my usual interaction with children. They have to have a certain discipline. That's what you hope, at least. They follow a specific set of rules and that's their life. However, if you view Kids, presented by Dark Chapter Press, it can make you very aware of any child's breaking point. The work, edited by Stuart Keane, and Jack Rollins gets to the dark side of sugar and spice. It may not be as simple as following the rules. In fact, some children may get sick of the rules, very quickly, and react. They can lower the hammer. Michael Bray, Chantal Noordeloos, Mark Parker, Alice J. Black, David Basnett, Matt Hickman, and Andrew Lennon find the most disturbing aspects of that breaking point. With a sweet price, and a foreword, by Ryan C. Thomas, Kids will make you see your own children differently, and keep a watchful eye on that breaking point. It could get you hurt.

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