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Fans of the most popular Canadian sitcom ever, Trailer Park Boys, can rejoice.

The show's 10th season debuts via Netflix on March 28th. The announcement was made recently on the show's Facebook Page.

For the unfamiliar, Trailer Park Boys is the story of three friends, Julian (John Paul Tremblay), Ricky (Rob Wells) and Bubbles (Mike Smith). Their down on their luck exploits are bolstered by booze and weed. They are perpetually hounded with contempt by severe alcoholic trailer park supervisor, Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth) along with his boyfriend, the metabolically-challenged, cheeseburger-loving sidekick, Randy (Pat Roach).

The adventures are supplemented by an ensemble cast of extremely eccentric supporting characters.

The show ran for a number of seasons on Showcase network, the Canadian version of Showtime before changing over to Netflix.

In addition to the show's immense popularity from airing in a number of foreign countries, Trailer Park Boys is a highly successful live show. The principal cast has been busy touring for a number of years.

Tremblay, Wells and Smith have basically taken ownership of the show and in addition to being the stars have branched out to their own line of hooch, Liquourmen's Old Dirty Canadian "Whisky."

They also run their own website,, with productions that feature all-cussing content.

Recently, Mike Smith, on his Bubbles Twitter account, alluded to the possibilities of an upcoming fourth Trailer Park Boys movie and, during the live tour last year, they filmed a multi-episode "on-the-road" style show.

Bottom line is that the boys are here to stay.

Rookie fans of the show can see the entire first nine seasons and specials now on Netflix.


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