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Hello! My name is Shawn Allard, I am a writer, filmmaker, boxer, human, and so much more! I applied for MPU to better my writing skills and really learn. I decided that I will be doing a weekly journal and talk about how each week went for me so you guys can really feel how it was for one of us students. Lets go!

Week One:

This week was fairly easy. I really like my mentor Mike, and all seems to be going well. I came into this with a ton of fresh ideas, and I'm almost all out of them! By week three or so I will probably be tapped out and have to come up with some new stuff. It cant be too hard. I am a junior in high school so I am doing this along with all my other school work. Lucky for me I get credit for this! I'm excited and can't wait for the next five weeks to come!

Here are my four articles from week one in order:

Why Is British Media So Popular?

Five Most Under Appreciated Films

You Sly Dog! Five Things You Didn't Know About Sylvester Stallone (Featured on Front page)

What Movies Should You Watch This Week? Here Are some Recommendations!

Week Two:

Week two. It wasn't too hard. I got all my articles in on time which was good. I really proud of all of these that I have written. This is going to become a little harder I can tell, given now I am out of my pre-planned Ideas and I have to start coming up with stuff. But hopefully, I will be able to come up with enough ideas to finish this program. I am really enjoying it and would hate to lose it just because I'm tired or can't think of something. I think I will finish. I know I will finish this! Week three can bring it!

Here are my four articles from week two in order:

What Do You Get When You Send A Filmmaker To A Third World Country?

Glee Actor/Actress Just Lost Their Most Recent Job!

'Arrow' Grave Victim Figured Out! Have We Known The Whole Time?

5 Times Fans Were Cruelly Shocked By Celebrity Death Hoaxes! (Shared on Facebook)

Week Three:

Week three brought it. I am drained. I am getting my last article in at the last minute because I got very tired. But, I was able to come up with a ton of ideas last night. So my plan, is to bust the week four articles out within the first few days, so I can really enjoy the rest of my vacation week. I believe if I do that, I will hit a second wind and finish the next two weeks strong. I got this. I can do this. That's not to say that if anyone has some extra Ideas, that I won't take them off your hands. When you see all my week four post, just expect a lot of lists. Like I said, i'm running low.

Here are my four articles from week three in order:

Which Batman Villain Are You? (Quiz)

Top 5 Movies That Are As Good Now As They Were Then!

Recommended Movies For This February Break!

3 Movies That Secretly Tackle Mental Illness!

Week Four:

This week was easier, but I really want to be more creative with my writing. It's all just freaking lists. Which is really bugging me, I want to write more interesting things. I believe week five will be better. Really not feeling like writing more here.

Here are my four articles from week four in order:

Superhero Movies Are OUT! Whats Next Hollywood?

What's The Big Deal? 3 Movies That Were Overrated!

3 Awesome Movie Weapons In Real Life!

5 Actors Who Don't Have An Oscar (Other Than Leo)! (This was Pre Oscars)

Week Five:

Great week. Really happy with it. Not so much with my articles, though I do have a few good ones, but more happy with the progress. I had a great conversation with my mentor about all the things bugging me last week and it was super helpful. Week six will be my week with no lists!

Here are my four articles from week five in order:

3 Movies That We Can Watch Over And Over Anytime!

Tetris Is Getting A Movie! Who Should Be In It?

Hollywood Needs A Spring Clean! Here's What We Can Do... (Part One!)

Grab Your Tissues, Because Here Are The Top Six Christian Flicks!

Week Six:

Well, wow. It's over. It's been a wild ride, as you have seen. Week six was great. I finally was able to make all four my articles not be lists! I am so happy about that! I found out today that my Tetris Fancasting post and my Celebrity Death Hoax post both got shared on one of Moviepilot's Facebook pages! That's awesome! Week six was amazing.

Here are my four articles from week six in order:

Will We Ever See A Successful YouTube Movie?

What Can Save The Horror Genre?

Hollywood Needs A Spring Clean! Here's What We Can Do... (The Sequel!)

Have You Noticed The Curse Of The Child Star?


This whole experience has been great! Week four was a little rocky, but other than that it was fantastic! I am so happy to have gone through this, I learned so much! I would easily do it again! Thank you to everyone who put it together, you guys rock. Julian, Mike, Paul, Eileen, and Samuel, you guys are freaking superheros! Having to go through and read close to 80 articles a week and comment on all of them, you guys are crazy! Thank you to everyone to at Moviepilot who worked on this. Lastly, Thank you to all of the other students for being so supportive of each other and pushing through! It wasn't easy, and we got through it together. In total we wrote around 2,400 articles within the past six weeks! That's absolutely insane! I know we will all go on to do great things, see you all at the reunion! So MoviepilotU, I bid you farewell. Next stop, Moviepilot Video Academy! Shawn, signing out.


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