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Agents of Shield has been slowly introducing members of the Secret Warriors since the beginning of the third season. With the release of the mid-season premiere promo, it looks like they are ready to fully bring the team together.

Who Are The Secret Warriors?

In the comics, the Secret Warriors are a group of relatively unknown heroes that are assembled by Nick Fury during the time of an alien takeover by the Skrulls. Since Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is limited to having guest roles on the show, the Secret Warriors are activated by Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie while he was acting director of SHIELD. The team as it stands is as follows.

Daisy "Quake" Johnson

Daisy Johnson a.k.a. "Quake" is the leader of the team. She can manipulate and enhance vibrations that could cause powerful force waves and even earthquakes. She is fitted with specialized casts to prevent her powers from causing internal injuries to her body.

Yo-Yo "Slingshot" Rodriguez

In the new promo, we get out first look at Slingshot in action. She has the power of superhuman speed, but will slingshot back to the point of wherever she started.

Carl "Crusher" Creel A.K.A. The Absorbing Man

Also spotted on the promo was the return of Carl "Crusher" Creel. Now Carl is not a member of the Secret Warriors in the comics but a villain, and he has also been portrayed that way on the show up to this point. No word at this point if his son Jerry "Stonewall" Sledge will be introduced to claim his spot on the team. It's quite possible that Carl himself could change his evil ways and be recruited to the team.

Joey Gutierrez and Lincoln Campbell

The show has already made a change to the line-up of the team by introducing two new characters in the show. Joey Gutierrez joined the team after being rescued by Quake and SHIELD. Joey has the power of metal manipulation, which began as just being able to melt metallic objects, but has now progressed to being able to actually change metallic objects into any shape he wants.

Lincoln Campbell is the other new addition to the team. He originally helped Quake transition into her powers after her transformation, but after his powers are perceived as a threat, he goes on the run from the government organization, the ATCU (Advanced Threat Containment Unit). Tired of running, Campbell eventually joins SHIELD and the Secret Warriors. Campbell has the power to manipulate the electromagnetism of objects, including but not limited to shooting electromagnetic energy from his hands.

Only time will tell what other characters could be introduced to the show and/or team. But whoever they are, they will be needed to go up against the Inhuman that now lives inside the body of former SHIELD/HYDRA agent Grant Ward.

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