ByNathaniel Rego, writer at
Nathaniel Rego

In the recent episode of Fox's Sleepy Hollow, the returning Kindred has gone on a killing spree, courtesy of Hades and Pandora. Crane, Abby, Foster, Jenny, and Corbin eventually defeat the monster by uniting him with a female Kindred (Chloe Moretz) until they are destroyed by an enraged Hades.

Derek Mears whose done Moloch in Sleepy Hollow Seasons 1-2 returns to the series but this time, as the infamous Krampus controlled by a man conspiring with Pandora in the first half of season 3. He has originally played Krampus in Vesen form in Grimm on NBC.

Sleepy Hollow resumes its 3rd season with Krampus as of Friday night on Fox at 9:00 PM.


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