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Marvel's The Avengers Review

Ok, so Iron Man was great, but The Avengers is on a whole other level of superhero film. This was the first time that we had ever seen superheroes come together in a team franchise film. No other production company did this in a cinematic/theatrical format, and because of this novelty, the movie was a smash hit. But it was more than simply the novelty of seeing a team franchise that made the movie so popular, the movie was good. I mean it was really good.

You could see only one film in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and this film could stand on its own. It doesn't need any other film to hype itself up, it just so happens to have five other films before it to hype it up.

The acting was on par for all in this film. Everyone loved Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth proved that they could play Captain America and Thor respectfully. The real test came for Mark Ruffalo. Prior to The Avengers, it was Ed Norton who played Bruce Banner/The Hulk and he was alright, but when Ruffalo came onto the scene, he stole the show as Banner and to add to his skill they used motion capture tools to capture Ruffalo's Banner in the Hulk himself.

Finally the finale in the last act was amazing. The fight scene was superb and the group shot as all six members came together for the first time was so epic that it could be described into words. Overall as a film it is quite good, but as superhero film it is near as perfect as you can get it. I will give this film a perfect 10 out of 10.


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