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Ever since that retired Robin suit showed up in the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fan theories have shot up across the Internet about Jason Todd, claiming that he may be Joker, or some other character entirely.

It was all fun, but let's face it, Jason Todd is probably dead. Based on the retired suit, the graffiti and the antagonizing note to Bruce Wayne, he kind of has to be dead. As much as we would love to see Jason Todd play a role in future movies, it will probably never happen, unless it's a prequel.

A few months ago, a Reddit user hit the Internet claiming he had been to a test screening of Batman v Superman and he spilled all the spoilers all over the web, breaking his agreement. Though everyone, including Zack Snyder supposedly, said his findings were complete garbage, more and more of what he said has panned out to be truth.

The Reddit user claimed that Jena Malone was secretly in the film as Barbra Gordon, and Dan Amboyer was secretly Green Lantern. All of this information was suddenly confirmed this week. In addition, evidence has come up proving that the Reddit user did actually see the private screening. So is what this guy said actually garbage, or was Zack Snyder just trying to cover his butt?

Let's assume that the Redditor was actually telling the truth, as it appears he was. One of his claims was that there is a flashback in the film of Joker murdering Jason Todd with a crowbar (also, there was word of a Joker cameo appearing in the film that hit the Internet this week). This would confirm that Jason Todd is indeed dead. Sorry, fan theorists.

The Redditor also said something big: though Jason Todd is dead, Dick Grayson, the original Robin, is very much alive - but he has been in hiding for many years. But why would Dick Grayson, the original Robin, be in hiding? Could he been afraid Joker will kill him next? Could he be pulling a Luke Skywalker and just feel like hiding so he can make a dramatic appearance? Or...

Could Dick Grayson be in hiding because he has grown a deep resentment for Batman?

Anyone who knows the comics also knows that Dick Grayson eventually grew to resent his mentor. It never sprouted to a full hatred, but it was enough for him to feel the need to create his own superhero identity away from the Dark Knight.

After the death of Jason Todd, Dick's replacement and presumably friend, Dick may have fostered even more resentment towards Batman. This resentment easily could have turned to hatred and anger towards the man who promised them safety, yet let his own young ward die. The note from Joker said "You let your family die." Was this a reference to those who died during Man of Steel, or was it a reference to letting Jason Todd, a member of the Bat-family, die?

So if Dick Grayson really hates Batman and intentionally hides himself from him, what is he really doing? Dick Grayson, much like Batman, will not sit idly by when he feels this much emotion.

What is Dick Grayson doing to get back at Batman? The answer is right in the trailer...

Dick Grayson has become the Riddler

During one of the trailers for Batman v Superman, we see Batman standing in a complex with graffiti in it - graffiti presumably made by the Riddler, as we can tell by the Riddler symbol. Could Dick Grayson be the Riddler doing this graffiti?

As Joker also does graffiti, it would make sense for Dick to do the same thing as he knows it's a way to successfully antagonize Batman. OR, perhaps the graffiti in that room was initially made by Joker himself, and Dick left the question mark for Batman to find, antagonizing Bruce by consistently leaving the same question mark in significant areas in his life.

This theory actually fits within the Riddler's character, not just Dick's. As we all know, the Riddler loves leaving riddles for Batman to solve, leaving clues everywhere. Perhaps Dick/the Riddler is leaving question marks all over Batman's life as the clues, and the riddle is "who is the Riddler?" The answer of course being Batman's former young ward.

Furthermore, perhaps the graffiti-ed paper saying "you let your family die" Bruce received was not actually sent from Joker as we assumed, but was actually sent by Dick/the Riddler? This would make sense, as it would match Dick's resentment towards Bruce for letting Jason die.

As Dick would want to keep his identity a secret, he must be hiding himself from Batman, as the Redditor discusses. He is in hiding, yet secretly antagonizing Bruce with clues. This both explains the Riddler's presence in the film and explains Dick's mysterious absence.

Though this theory is certainly possible, we will most likely not see it come into play until the solo Batman movie. We will, however, most likely see some lead-up to it during Batman v Superman, including the graffiti and maybe even more Riddler symbols.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Is Dick Grayson secretly the Riddler?


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