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Where do I even begin with this? How about we start off with that kick-ass theme?

Ah... Good times. Anyway... Ben Tennyson's adventures in a single summer were always a joy to watch to me as a kid. Now grown, if only slightly, I thought to myself the same thing I always do when reminiscing about my childhood: "does it hold up?" The simple answer, HELL YEAH IT DOES! Let me explain.

Ben Tennyson and his cousin, Gwen, go on a summer-long trip with their Grandpa Max. Now that we've got the basic story out of the way, LET'S TALK ABOUT SOME ALIEMS!!! Ahem. The aliens and their diversity are what made this show. In the original, they kept the lineup short and sweet. And we loved it! Then the other iterations happened... We don't talk about those. But I digress. We'll get to those aliens later.

Let me quickly say the voice-acting in this show was superb. Tara Strong as Ben was simply perfect. She is really good at voicing little boy characters in cartoons. Like, scary good. Ben himself was such an interesting character. He was certainly relatable to the target demographic: ten year old boys. He was dumb, rude, unhygienic. Funny enough, I was too at ten. And now... Oh well. Despite being a stereotypical ten year old boy, there were certainly some dynamic moments for Ben's character throughout the show. Even Gwen, an extremely annoying character for most of the show, managed to steal a few dynamic moments in the show. The villains were also incredible. Like Dr. Animo, Vilgax, and Kevin 11.

The titular Ben Tennyson.
The titular Ben Tennyson.

Now, time to talk about them aliens. The watch attached to Ben's wrist, called "The Omnitrix," was a monumental part of this show and evidently, my childhood. Ben had so many cool aliens that he could transform into. My favorite would have to be either XLR8 or Ripjaws. XLR8 was a cool and sleek looking alien with Flash-like super speed and Ripjaws was a weird humanoid anglerfish thing... But he was cool! I feel like one of the faults of this show was getting rid of one of the coolest aliens, Ghostfreak, in Season 2. Although, he did come back toward the end of the show along with three horror movie inspired aliens.

Ben's form of Ghostfreak
Ben's form of Ghostfreak

All in all, Ben 10 was a phenomenal show with brilliant characters, a compelling and fun story, and truly badass aliens for my childhood mind to believe were real. For more deep dives into childhood nostalgia and fun, be sure to follow my page and keep reading. Thanks! Which version of Ben 10 do you think was the best?



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