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In The Green Inferno a group of college students travel to the Amazon to save the rain forest, but quickly learn they are not alone when they run into a tribe of blood thirsty cannibals.

If you're familiar with Eli Roth's work then you know he creates some of the most twisted, insane and gory movies of this generation. But why is The Green Inferno so great? And what sets it apart from most horror movies these days?

First of all, the cannibal tribe in the movie is a REAL TRIBE, not actors

Roth took his cast extremely out of their comfort zone and deep into the Amazon to find this tribe. The tribe had never heard of movies and had no idea what cannibals were, so he showed them Cannibal Holocaust. This is what Roth had said about it in an interview with Empire:

"We went in the Amazon deeper than anyone has ever shot a movie before, I went so far up the river, we went to a village where they had no electricity, no running water, and they never before had seen a movie or television. We had to explain to them conceptually what a movie was, and we brought a television and a generator and we showed them Cannibal Holocaust. They thought it was the funniest thing that they had ever seen, but we had to know whether they were down with it to let us in their village."

Pretty crazy, right?! I would have probably run for my life the second they started laughing because they thought Cannibal Holocaust was actually a comedy. Luckily Roth didn't, because the tribe really brought something special and unique to this film.

It's a breath of fresh air after getting paranormal movie after paranormal movie and a million exorcism movies

Don't get me wrong, I like a good paranormal or exorcism movie, but in my opinion they are getting worn out. Not often anymore do you see a horror movie take risks and go out of the box a bit. The Green Inferno delivers a real message that a lot of those movies don't. It's all about activists that jump onto these bandwagons without knowing what they are really signing up for. It does a really good job of portraying that in a way that really makes you think twice about wandering into unknown territory. Tribes like this actually exist and you never know where they might actually be. Not all tribes are this brutal, but you really just never know what's out there outside of what our society is accustomed to.

Gore, Gore and More Gore

My favorite horror movies of all time are the ones with tons of gore, which you seldom see these days. Old school movies like The Evil Dead and Dead Alive are some of the best horror films to date and they are in fact extremely gory. Roth is no stranger to gore, however, and he brings it full force in this film. It's a movie about cannibals – there's lots of body parts being eaten, ripped off, cut off, insides being ripped out, you name it. Just beware, if you have a weak stomach I'd take a pass on this one. Only watch this clip if you're not easily... terrified:

The Green Inferno is something that the horror genre needed. It's something new, it takes risks and it isn't afraid to step out of the norm. I think it's extremely underrated and deserves more praise than a lot of horror movies we have gotten this generation. As usual Eli Roth didn't disappoint and this is arguably his best work to date.

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