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There are tons of TV shows out there within a bunch of different genres. My favorite types of shows are the ones that put several of my passions together. Here's my list of my favorite video game TV shows:

1) Video Game High School

Basically the coolest high school in existence, Video Game High School is a TV show set in the near future when video gaming has blown up and become the world's most popular competitive sport. It follows a below-average gamer kid, Brian D, who gets accepted into an elite gaming high school after defeating The Law, an international super star, on live television. The show also has tons of girl gamers which is awesome to see. Jenny Matrix, one of the main characters, is actually the captain of the school's gaming team, and Brian D's love interest. The coolest part of the show is they use live action scenes with the characters to show the action in the games, almost like they are in the game itself. It's super fun, there's lots of comedy, action, romance and drama and it makes me a lot jealous that a school like Video Game High School didn't exist when I was in school.

Where can you watch it: Netflix

2) The Guild

Starring everyone's favorite femal nerd, Felicia Day, The Guild is an online webseries focused on the lives of a gamers' online guild, The Knights of Good. Felicia plays Codex, the show's main character and the guild's Priestess, who attempts to live a normal life after one of her guild mates, Zaboo, shows up unannounced at her door. The show is hilarious, the characters are all unique and it's a really interesting portrayal of PC gamers. The show touches on topics of friendship and romance and really coming together with your peers as a team.

Where Can you Watch It: Netlfix

3) Sword Art Online

A little different from my other two choices, Sword Art Online is a Japenese Animation TV show that takes place in a virtual world of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the year 2022. The players wear this helmet called Nerve Gear and are instantly transported into this fantasy world. During the beta testing, the main character Kirito and everyone else playing the game learn that they are trapped in their nerve gear and their only means of escape is to finish all levels. The twist? If you die in game you also die in real life. The show focuses on Kirito and the 3,000 other players while they attempt to clear all of the levels and escape back to reality. It's a really fun show especially if you're into fantasy, dragons and swords. Although it has multiple seasons, season 1 is my personal favorite. After that they enter a new game and it didn't catch my attention as much as the first did- it started to get a tad repetitive in my opinion.

Where You Can Watch It: Netflix or Crunchyroll

If you're a gamer and just looking for a show to watch about your passion, these shows are a must on the "check it out" list.

What's your favorite show about video games? Let me know in the comments!


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