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So far there has been a million different theories going around about Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, interesting statements that lead every Star Wars fan to come up with their own conclusions or panic depending on the assumptions that have been heard. After watching the movies countless times and being an eccentric fan girl myself for every single thing that lives and breathes Star Wars; I have developed my own theory, whether you believe it or not is really up to you (I pretty much just felt the need to say something. lol.).

Just last month I had gone to see the first sequel to Star Wars with my family and whoever is watching from the heavens knows that that must have been... explainable. The next day I was hearing the most irrelevant questions ever known to man:

Who is the dog man?

Is that Harrison Ford? I thought he was Indiana Jones.

When did Rey learn how to use the force?

Is that pilot gay? He is cute.

When I say these were the worst questions anyone could ask I mean it in the most literal sense. My best friend had the audacity to ask me if Kylo Ren was Luke Skywalker's son... Anyways, at least "my other friends" and I had some good convo about the topic of Star Wars. This is what I came up with:

Cute baby Rey and Old baby Han
Cute baby Rey and Old baby Han

Ben Solo and Rey are siblings. Take a minute to absorb the information, then ask yourself this: Who exactly are Rey's parents? Another frequently asked question that I had taken a considerable amount of time to think about. There is another theory going around that she is possibly Luke's daughter and when I say theory, I mean it loosely, mostly because no one is really positive about this, just like no one is positive about whether or not Disney is going to reveal Poe Damaron as a gay character. But until things are affirmative I am sticking with this belief, my explanation is simple and I think it really does explain a lot.

Rey is a force baby. She is obviously related to one of the three in the trio from the originals, she has a strong connection to Luke's light saber, she also feels a sort of father/daughter relationship with Han Solo, and Leia hugs her in the end despite the fact they (might) had never seen one another in their entire lives. This, however, is not what lead me to believe that they were siblings. It was the montage of memories found within the torture scene... Wait for it... featuring both Ben and Rey. Rey was dropped of on the planet Jakku when she was a child, which is where she was found in the beginning. I think she was deserted there for her own protection, according to Wookiepedia Ben and her are ten years apart in age, perhaps when he turned dark she was sent away for her safety or to prevent her from following in his footsteps.

I might be stubbornly in love with my own theory, but that still does not mean it could be entirely correct. I am about to make another assumption that possibly could be extremely wrong, but makes a lot of sense with my previous assumption.

That guy that wasn't there for most of the movie.
That guy that wasn't there for most of the movie.

Luke Skywalker can't fall in love. Luke is cute and all, but I have no reason to believe he would have had a child, especially since it isn't the Jedi way. In the book, Luke might have become lovey dovey with someone and started a family, but that doesn't go the same for the movies in my opinion. After the Battle of Endor, every Star Wars craving fan knows that Luke Skywalker went to Yavin and led the new beginning of a Jedi organization, group, republic... You name it. He took in kids gifted with the force and taught them, one was Ben Solo, son to both Han and Leia. Ben went dark and guess what? Luke lost it and left, the temple fell and the younglings were either killed or scattered about. One that got away? Rey.

This is my belief and I am gonna stick with it until there is solid proof otherwise. I mean to be honest, I would believe it if Luke had a child. But to be honest with the other side of myself, I can't see him becoming one of the best Jedi in the galaxy without following the guidelines that every other Jedi is raised by. Besides I think his father was a clear example as to why falling in love and being a badass Jedi can't coincide with one another. Tell me what you think in the comments.


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