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Midway through its 11th season, the dark and demented comedy [It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia](tag:200878) has made it further than anyone could have ever guessed. Marketed as Friends if all the Friends were terrible people, the show pokes fun at incest, kidnapping, murder, racism, Antisemitism, and rape. So pretty much everything a sitcom is NOT supposed to talk about.

After its first critically-acclaimed season floundered in its attempt to find viewers, the show was left with a decision to make. Bring on a big-name star in order to draw in a bigger audience or get cancelled.They brought in the biggest little star they could—Danny Devito.

After that, it's history. With a successful run on FX and now its continuance on the sister network FXX, there's no sign of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia going anywhere, anytime soon. But what is it about these characters that drives us to watch them do their dirty deeds? Why do we tune in to watch terrible people do terrible things to others? Let's take a closer look at the "gang."

Frank Reynolds

The "patriarch" of the gang, Frank is actually just the financier of all the mayhem. He's dirty, perverted, and filthy stinkin' rich. If he's not trying to rip off one of the other members of the gang, he's extorting his former business partner or having sex in the parking lot of a Wendy's.

Although he raised Dee and Dennis as his own flesh and blood, halfway into the 2nd season he's told by his "hoo-wore" wife that their father is instead a charitable and loving man she had passionate affair with. After having a couple of heart attacks, multiple car accidents, and more than a few other health scares, Frank is still running around with the gang and causing trouble. In recent seasons he's gotten more demented and less socially aware. This has only added to his already offensive and selfish personality traits.

Dee Reynolds

The only woman in the gang, "Sweet Dee" Reynolds at one point was arguably the most sane and moral person on the show. That has long since gone out the window. She's stolen, manipulated, prostituted, cursed, and screamed her way through nearly 10 years of life at Paddy's Pub and now she's just as likely to hurt someone or herself as the other members of the gang.

From being a surrogate mother for the cash to resorting to sleeping with an old high school crush in order to revive her self-esteem, Dee has gone further than most of us could ever imagine. She gags when she gets nervous, she pees every 5 seconds, and she will eat your babies, bitch!

Dennis Reynolds

He considers himself good-looking, suave, thin, cultured, thin, intelligent, charismatic, and most importantly, thin—he's Dennis Reynolds. The Golden God!

Dennis is at the same time one of the more likable members of the gang AND a violent sociopath. He has very little empathy for those around him, including his family and friends. He videotapes all of his "sexual conquests" and never calls back the woman who loves him most, the Waitress.

Although he is quite possibly a rapist, he has never technically been accused of it or showing any intention of doing so on-screen...but there is the...implication.

Ronald "Mac" McDonald

Ronald "Mac" McDonald (unfortunate name, I know) is a down-on-his-luck Philly boy with an alcoholic chain-smoking mother and a felon for a father. He grew up sneaking into other people's homes on Christmas and running away with their presents.

Because of his extreme need to impress his father and gain his approval, Mac has often done things that are incredibly dangerous and/or illegal in order to talk to his Dad. In the end, his father simply wants nothing to do with him, as is the case with many of the smaller characters on the show.

He is probably an in-the-closet gay man and has had a passionate sexual affair with a transsexual named Carmen, yet he continually cites Bible verses from Leviticus when accused of any homosexual tendencies.

Charlie Kelly

Arguably the dumbest and nicest member of the gang, Charlie Kelly is a very simple and illiterate man. He works as the janitor and handyman at Paddy's Pub. His obsession with the Waitress, a girl whose name he doesn't even know, drives most of his actions on the show.

Although unintelligent, Charlie has shown rare moments of brilliance and is often the most morally sound one of the group. He was once conditioned to believe that he was taking part in an experiment to increase his intelligence when he was really just proving that the placebo effect can have an extreme effect on someone's confidence.

He is Mac's best friend and loves his mom, his cat food, and playing NightCrawlers with his roommate, Frank.

Who's the most screwed up member of the Gang? The honest answer is...I can't decide. You tell me what you think.


Who is the worst person in the Gang on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?


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