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Every single year countless of movie projects and production ideas are greenlighted or blocked by movie studios. With every big franchise or every big blockbuster success the minds of moviebuffs llike myself start to imagining or developing spinnoffs and ideas based on a particular movie or a particular character that simply stood out.

With that in mind i have made a short list of 4 characters and movies that would truly make me a very happy guy if Hollywood were to develop these projects in the future which i am also very confident they would be a big success in the box office as well.

So, without furthe ado let us begin:

1) The Punisher- Tom Hardy

I must be in the minority who actually enjoyed the first Punisher movie back in 2004, while it's not the greatest comic book movie to be made it's certainly not the worst. I have always found the sotry of the Punisher very fascinating and absolutely very dark and painful, but this character shows what someone who has lost everything is capable to do back to those who harm others, a conflicted character who is driven by rage and vengeance and has allowed darkness to swallow him showing no mercy to the people he goes against and certainly no remorse for his actions as he considers himself a necessary evil to finish what others fail to do.

I am super excited for being introduced again to The Punisher in Netfli'x Season 2 of Daredevil and i am absolutely sure that Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle/The Punisher) will bring us a great Punisher peformance which has certainly been missed by many of us for so long.

Having said all the above i do believe that there should be future plans for another major motion picture that will bring The Punisher to the big screen and having the capabilities of becoming one of the greatest comic book movies of all time. And should a project like this become greenlighted then i would love to see the amazing Tom Hardy take up the role as i believe he will truly be suited to portray a character living in such pain, isolation and darkness with revenge and hate being as his only driving forces in life.

If Hollywood announces such a project in the works then im sure i won't be the only excited person who has a dream movie become a reality.

2) Detective Loki-Prisoners

Prisoners is really one of those hidden gems that should absolutely have had much more attention. Everything in the movie was captivating from the very start, the plot that was unfolding in the upmost mysterious way, the entire cast who had a flawless performaces.

In this movie one character stood out in every way- Detective Loki portrayed by the talented Jake Gyllenhaal. From the very first scene in which we our introduced to this amazing character having a lonely thanks giving dinner in a dinner innocently flirting with the waitress till the very end Detective Loki simply brings awe.

The movie really does not give anything away as to who this guy is, where did he come from , and what dark past he came from, the only references we have is that he grew up in a boy's home and based on his tattoos which hides most of the time we can pressume that he was incarcerated or was part of a gang, the amazing hairstyle that fits the character as well as the masonic ring on his pinky finger really make Detective Loki one of my favorite movie characters of all time.

I believe a lot of people will agree and be excited to see a spinoff movie based on Detective Loki's life and past, from his rough childhood uprising to the criminal life and violence that he might've been involved with to his time in prison and to his rise as a police detective who as his police captain said "Has solved every single case he was assigned to."

Such a unique and mysterious character certainly deserves his own movie.

3) Alejadro- Sicario

Another absolutely iconic character that stood out in a movie is Alejadro from the breath taking crime thriller Sicario. Sicario is a dark crime thriller which shows the conflict on the US-Mexico border between government agencies and drug cartels giving a rare glimpse of the drug war and the delicate threads which exist on a daily basis.

We are introduced to Alejandro as a "consultant" for the DOD (Department of Defense) but it is evident that there are much more into play and that he is filled with mystery, with his over-protective attitude and guidance over Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) to the vicious and ruthless attitude against the cartel and his proffesionalism in assasinations.

We never do get to know much about this character and his past besides the fact that he was a big lawyer in Colombia who had legal battles against the cartels which resulted in the murders of his wife and daughter in gruesome ways, after that we can assume that he broke living behind any humanity he had and becoming professional assasin working for the Medellin Cartel in co-operation with the CIA as it turns out in the end to take out the Mexican competition and the people responsible for the deaths of his wife and daughter.

A spinoff movie based on his life which lead him all the way to where Sicario takes over would be absolutely ideal in my mind.

4) Darth Maul-Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Perhaps one of the few good thigns about the prequel Star wars trilogy is Darth Maul, this Sith Lord certainly blew our minds with his performance in The Phantom Menace. From his menacing attitude, to his strength and power as a Sith Lord and his double blade lightsaber this character served the dark side well.

With all the talk by Disney on Star Wars spinnoffs such as Rogue One, and the talks about further spinoffs such as Han Solo, Bobba Fett and Yoda, Darth Maul is certainly an interesting character that would provide a solid spinoff in the Star Wars universe.

I really hope that us the fans can somehow pressure Hollywood to include the above 4 ideas into their future production list, and i have no doubt that moivebuffs and fans around the world would be delighted and support the movies if and when they are released.


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