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Sumo Cyco are a Canadian rock band that bring everything we ever loved about No Doubt and kicked it up a few more notches. Fronted by Sever, a girl that has some mean vocals, along with bandmates M.D. (lead guitar), Thor (bass) and Wolf (drums), they really are one of most gripping bands out there.

While music artists tend to mainly focus on the sound, there are a few that put the same work into their visuals. That's where Sumo Cyco stands out.

Keeping it DIY and directing every single of their own music videos to date, the group collectively gathers ideas and creates of what I can only call the most entertaining music videos I've seen in a long time.

While they've been directing videos since 2011, years before release of their debut album Lost in Cyco City, it truly shows the amazing creativity that proves they are a whole lot more than musicians, paying homage to the modern punk-rock side of music and everything we know about movies from the 70's, 80's and even 90's.

This first part will focus of their releases between 2011 and 2012, prior to the Lost in Cyco City saga.

Just pay attention to every single detail and question yourself: Why don't we have more bands like these!

Mercy was the early signs that something special was coming along. Keeping it simple and having a blast of a time seemed to be the order of the day.

You might also be wondering, why is there an oven and why are there people coming out of it? Because why not!!

Limp was their first attempt to tell a proper story. While the effort is all there, the cheesy outfits show how fun continues to be the biggest priority. And why wouldn't it be? It absolutely works!

The best thing about this? How they don't take themselves seriously and don't let anyone else dare that they do!

Interceptor was a bigger and better attempt at storytelling. Clocking in at almost 10 minutes worth of footage, this works as a cross between short-film and music video.
Full of weird and wonderful references of their own universe, Cyco City, all the meta details work amazingly well as easter eggs.

Now can I please get a can of Syco Soda?

Danger proves that Sumo Cyco are as resourceful as ever, with new locations, new outfits and references from our favorite Sci-Fi movies. Where they find the time and energy for all of this, remains a question unanswered.

Video might have killed the radio star, but Sumo Cyco made him into a monster of introspection in Who Do You Want To Be?

With an amazing head replacement scene, being low-budget has never looked so impressive!

Probably the one PETA isn't too happy about. This story about a Roadkill Expert might raise some hair brows, but is as entertaining as ever, full of references of Cyco City and all it has to offer.

And nevermind the graphic nature of it: it's easy to make fake dead animals.

Keeping it scary on Halloween, Where Do We Go? actually brought out the Harley Quinn out of Sever.

In their last video before the Lost in Cyco City saga, we now that two years and seven music videos later, Sumo Syco have gripped an entire fanbase, keeping them waiting for more.

This ends part one of two. Read the conclusion here.

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What was your favorite video from pre-Lost in Syco City?


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