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As we know, chapter 9 of the Dragon Ball Super manga got leaked recently and continuing from chapter 8, Goku ends up defeating Botamo. I was a bit surprised with how Goku actually defeated Botamo. You know Goku kinds of like to fight till the opponent uses his full power and most of the times he doesn’t take advantage of tournament rules to defeat his opponents. He pulled and slammed Botamo out of the tournament stage which eliminated him. It was completely legit but just a bit different. This shows how determined they are to win the tournament.

However, after Goku defeats Botamo. Frost comes up right up next to face him. There’s no brake in-between the matches. And I was kind of expecting Goku to step off after he defeats Botamo. Because, as we know from the title leaks of episode 34 of Dragon Ball Super. Piccolo will be facing Frost. Now, this information that Piccolo will face Frost comes from the anime series title leak. The leak came from some reliable sources and it’s most likely to be true. So, I am going to progress with taking that information as authentic for the time being.

So, if Piccolo faces Frost on episode 34 of the anime series that would mean it would fall on the chapter 10 of the Manga. For, Piccolo to face Frost it means that Frost has to defeat and eliminate Goku from the tournament. As far as I know stepping down and replacing yourself with another team member in the middle of a fight is not allowed. Which means Frost defeats Goku?

As of now it’s not officially confirmed. As in chapter 9, Goku vs Frost matchup just started. But, looks like Toriyama will be making these matches pretty fast paced. That makes me think that he wants to get over with the tournament matches because he has some real twist planned at the end or the tournament will be interrupted.

However, the Goku vs Frost match up that started half way into chapter 9 already got pretty intense. In the beginning they were in the base form hand to hand. It was implied how fast they are and the obvious that normal eyes can’t see them. That has been around since the Namek saga where the fighters reached faster than light speed.

So, the fight goes on. And in a while Frost realizes how strong Goku is. Therefore decides not to waste time playing around with him and got serious. He quickly transforms into his 2nd form which looks very similar to Frieza’s third form. This form is new to Goku because he wasn’t around when Frieza was in his third form. So, yes he was a bit surprised. Meanwhile Frost tried to pass that as his final form for reasons unknown. But, obviously Piccolo, Vegeta and others it wasn’t his final form.

And while fighting Goku also realizes that. He mentions it and goes most probably super saiyan 2. Because, the manga is in black and white it appeared a bit confusing to me. But, the hair style and other stuffs kind of made it look super saiyan 2 to me. Thing to note is Frost got very surprised at this transformation. Not only he but also the kaio-shin samas of universe 6 and Champa also got surprised. Could this mean Universe 6 saiyans can’t go super saiyan or don’t have god ki? If that is the case then how will Cabe keep up? Now that’s some food for thought.

However, Goku in attempt to shows his power aggressively approaches Frost and Frost decides to transform into his third form which looks just like Frieza’s final form. It looks awesome and I would say he look way better than Frieza. But, I believe he is still hiding one more transformation; that we should get to see in the next chapter.

Now, if the previously mentioned information is authentic. Now, I am curious how Goku would end up losing. And why would they even do that. Goku is the main character and majority of the fans would expect him to survive till the very end of the tournament. And even if he don’t win the last match he should at-least be there. Besides, they advertised Goku and Hit all over the billboards on Japan. So, many of us were expecting that to happen. The fact that they are wrapping up matches so fast makes me think that the tournament might be interrupted in the middle of it. And then Goku and Hit might have something to do together.

How they will make Goku lose? Well, I think they would not make Frost absolutely overpower and knock out Goku. I think Goku would end up doing something to stupid or fall out of the arena due to some kind of trick. And then going by the title Piccolo will face Frost. And he is most likely to lose unless Goku lefts Frost in a bad condition. Then, Piccolo may come in and finish the job with special beam canon.

So, as of now with the evidences we got in hand. We can say that Goku will somehow lose, get eliminated or leave the spot to allow Piccolo vs Frost.

For confirmation you will have to chapter 10 to come out or episode 34 to come out.



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