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The Flash has been a strong flagship for the CW bringing in new fans from all over the globe. And while it is rumoured that we will see no less than three speedsters running together this year, there are still some speedsters that we really need to see on the show.

So let's dive into the four Speedsters we need to see on the Flash:

4. Bart Allen

Bartholomew "Bart" Allen, is a time travelling Speedster and the Kid Flash. He is also the grandson of Barry Allen and Iris West. He would be a perfect addition to a CW show. He can become the sidekick or trainee of Barry Allen and his existance would put Barry and Iris's relationship through another crucible.
He also has his own Reverse Flash called Inertia, who has worked with the Rogues the other Reverse Flashes in the past.

3. Max Mercury

While Bart comes from the future, Max comes from the past. Max Mercury was a simple messenger in a Fort, until the shaman of a local village, that was pillaged, gave him the ability to run fast..... like really fast.

After saving his village and becoming a crime fighter, Max decided to dedicate his life to research the Speed Force. His vast knowledge and powers were an asset to the Speedsters of Earth, and he has also taken up the responsibility of training Bart Allen.

In the image above, he also looks a lot like Harrison Wells....

2. Johnny Quick

Not to be confused with Jesse Quick, another Speedster we've already seen on the Flash, albeit with no Superspeed yet.

Johnny Quick is the Earth-3 counterpart of Barry Allen. Similarly to Earth-2, Earth-3 is a Universe were everyone is not who he is on Earth-1. There is no Justice League, but a Crime Syndicate an organization consisting of being with powers similar to the Justice League, to overtake that Universe. The Flash of that Universe is Johnny Quick, a malevolent Speedster who commits crime for fun.
He is as fast as Barry but more ruthless and violent and can be a good foil for Barry in a later season, as either an episode or season villain.

1. Black Flash

Not to be confused with the Black Racer (who is a New God).

The Black Flash is the embodiment of Death for speedsters. He is the Grim Reaper who runs behind every Flash, when the time for them to die has come.
It is implied in the comics that the Black Flash, is Death's representation in the Speed Force, possibly because the speedsters outrun death.

In the TV show, the Black Flash can create more tension between Team Flash, introduce concepts not yet explored and be a mechanism for change for the TV series.

All in all, there is much yet to explore in the Flash TV show but these four Speedsters would make it even better.


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