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Over so many years, there have been many itterations of the Caped Crusader on film, and has any of them captured the spirit of the comic books? Well, BVS is trying to with Ben Affleck (Who looks bloody great) But aside from the cool costume, he doesn't look much like Bruce Wayne.

I FUCKING love Batfleck but i always wanted the most faithful Batman ever. And Ben directing Batsy in a movie is a dream come true but this is just an article with my hopes and one day, maybe this comes true.


The Storyline For My Fantasy BATMAN movie!
The Storyline For My Fantasy BATMAN movie!

Batman is well into his second year in crime fighting, facing villains like Penguin, Ra's Al Ghul and some petty criminals. But he hasn't faced his biggest foe, yet: The Joker.

With some mob families hiding and with the overral leader being mysterious and unknown. After an attack on a bank, and the heist causing huge destruction on the center of Gotham, this mysterious Criminal catches Batman's attention.


Jon Hamm/ Bruce Wayne A.K.A Batman:

Look at the fucking similarity, mate!
Look at the fucking similarity, mate!

Logan Lerman- Tim Drake/ Robin

David Tennant- The Joker

He looks fucking crazy, man!
He looks fucking crazy, man!

ALTERNATIVE: Joseph Gilgun/ Joker

i love Joe as Joker, alright?! I FUCKING LOVE HIM!
i love Joe as Joker, alright?! I FUCKING LOVE HIM!

Patrick Stewart- Alfred Pennyworth

Let's be honest, any old English Man could play Alfred. But Stewart is the best english man. Just...add a silly thin mustace and you're ready to go.

Bryan Cranston- James Gordon

Charlize Theron: Catwoman/ Selina Kyle:

DIRECTOR: Matthew Vaughn

Vaughn did wonders for X-Men, and he loves comic books like the rest of us, so if this ever happened, it will probably been better than Dark Knight.

Writers: Matthew Vaughn & Jane Goldman

Kingsman, Kick Ass, X Men: First Class. Fucking hell, mate, these two are just badass writers, mate!


This movie, if it ever happened, would have been marvelous, and indeed a masterpiece.


This is part 1 and movie 1 of a three part trilogy of fantasy Batman movies. And the announcement is that later on i may do Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and hell, even Green Lantern. This is like giving you my fantasy plot for the movie alongside the fan cast of the film.


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