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Natasha Price

Beyond: Two Souls is an action-adventure game developed by Quantic Dream based around a young girl, Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page), who is linked with a strange invisible entity called Aiden. The game is considered an 'interactive-movie' as it's mostly about the story, with the gameplay taking the back seat. The story line follows her life as she struggles to fit in and cope with her imaginary friend.

The gameplay is strange and unique. You either play as Jodie or Aiden, but there aren't classic buttons for fighting and jumping. You control the actions of whoever you're playing as and when the story requires it. For example, during fight scenes, the game slows down and you have to move the toggle stick in certain directions to fight. This is an interesting and innovative way to create controls for the characters and puts the player on edge as the game is mostly played through quick-time events.

Furthermore, when talking to other characters or engaging with certain objects, the player gets options on what they want to do. These options will dictate how the story will progress, meaning that the player really controls a fair chunk of the story. For this reason, the game also has multiple endings, meaning that you could replay it several times and have a different game each time.

What made this game appealing for me was the interesting story line. The reason for Aiden's existence and connection to Jodie is kept secret throughout the story line, enticing the player to keep playing. Also, the levels are non-linear, meaning that you skip between Jodie's life, wondering what happened previously.

The characters are also very interesting, especially the protagonist, Jodie. She's a very complex character, and at first her relationship with Aiden seems to be rocky and unstable. However, as the game progresses it becomes clear that Aiden and Jodie have become very close emotionally and Aiden is always looking out for Jodie.

The game is very emotional and explores complex themes such as friendship, suicide and murder. Because it's such a story-orientated game, it was important that the developers made the story and the themes realistic and interesting so the player doesn't get bored. As suggested by the genre, interactive-movie, Beyond Two Souls feels more like a film that you can partake in than a game.

Although this style of gaming isn't everyone's cup of tea, if you enjoy games that are largely based on the story, then you'll definitely enjoy this one.


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