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February is the month of love, so MoviePilot have been speaking to dating expert Dani Waller about the ultimate bromances and romances in comic book & gaming folklore.

Mario & Princess Peach

Bless Mario and his determination to rescue Peach, no matter how many ‘game overs’ he faces. Every girl has a Mario. You may have grown up together, or met at college… and you shamelessly exploit him. He’s a bit dorky, but he can get you tickets/free entry/cheap clothes, so you keep him around. You give him enough attention to keep him hoping you’ll get together…because let’s face it; he’s the only one that will pick you up drunk and crying at 2am. Word to the wise ladies, he knows what you’re doing… if you don’t cut it out; it’s going to be ‘game over’ for you.

Romance Rating 1/5

Lois & Clark (Superman)

Lois Lane and the Clark Kent/Superman triangle is a story as old as time. Girl has to choose between wholesome good boy and exciting bad boy. The latter is more likely to break your heart, while the former will love you to the day you die. Choice is yours ladies… Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Romance Rating 3/5

Peter Parker (Spider Man) & Mary Jane Watson

Ahh young love. You can’t go past the Peter Parker and Mary Jane romance. He is a geek that finds a way to become cool(er), she finally notices him and they ride swing into the sunset. In today’s dating scene, masking yourself and your personality is just about the worst thing you can do. Yes, when dating you want to present your BEST self, but don’t be someone else. No one likes a faker.

Romance Rating 2.5/5

Batman & Robin

In every friendship there’s always one who’s hotter, cooler and gets more chicks, while the other, is slightly less trendy, spills beer down his shirt and enjoys reading Tin Tin books. Despite their differences, the bromance between batman and Robin is so strong it even stands the ultimate test… A fight over a girl, namely the seriously hot albeit certifiable Poison Ivy. While the Robins of the world might be a little jealous of their manly counterpart… They would never resort to sabotaging their mates for a woman’s affections.

(Bro)mance Rating 4/5

DangerMouse & Penfold

The Danger Mouse and Penfold relationship is one of my favourites. The reckless Danger Mouse getting into all kinds of trouble, while the reluctant Penfold gets dragged along with him. Everyone has got a friend that calls and frantically says; I’m at (insert random place here), bring fishing line, a banana and £200… no time to explain. They are fun, up for anything and you’re either along for the ride or rescuing them from themselves. Somehow, this dynamic works and always results in an epic tale of survival and triumph. You know you’ll be mates for life.

(Bro)mance Rating 5/5

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