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Jay Garrick’s hairstyle (i.e length, styling) has changed significantly over the course of the season. It could be argued that it’s simply Jay adapting to Earth-1, or that if the man in the mask is truly Jay Garrick, and that Zolomon is Zoom then the possibility of Mercury impersonating Jay Garrick is stronger. 2-3. Some conclusions could be drawn that regardless of the who the character might be that the actor is without a doubt Teddy Sears. This takes us back to the simpler theory that Zolomon being Zoom has imprisoned and impersonated Jay in a similar fashion to the reverse flash in season 1. Although plausible, this can’t account for Jay Garrick being pulled back through the breach in S2 Ep13 by Zoom, or Jay Garrick showing Caitlin Snow Zolomon in the park in S2 Ep11 unless Zoom is the be-all and end-all master of speed projection. 4-6. We can see some similarities and differences with Eddie Thawne/ Rick Cosnett and the Man in the Mask in Zoom’s lair. Possibly no more or less than what we can identify with Teddy Sears/ Jay Garrick. The Cobalt Blue/ Malcolm Thawne is equally precarious. Zoom could be some variation of Eddie Thawne from Earth-2 since we haven’t seen him at all yet (or even if we will since Cosnett has been doing Quantico). Also since the Reverse-Flash still exists regardless of the sacrifice Eddie made, it might be likely Zoom or the Man in the Mask could be him.


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